Benefits of Living in a Gated Community in Vijayawada

Benefits of Living in a Gated Community

  Before moving into a gated community, it would probably be best to consider what living would be like within an automated security gate. Living within a gated community has lots of benefits. Imagine life without any buzzing in visitors or thefts to disturb the peace of your mind! Advantages of Living in Gated Communities 
  • Regulated Vehicular Speeds Turning vehicles at high speed are a common problem of living in open quiet neighborhood roads. Vehicles in these areas often drive recklessly or too fast & thereby make it unsafe for children. Moreover, it is also dangerous for drivers backing out from their doorways. However, it is compulsory within gated communities for vehicles to stop before entering. This is a moment enables drivers to get acquainted with the environment & to reset their speed to an appropriate level.
  • Top Security & ControlSecurity gate at the entrance of a gated community acts as a great deterrent for thieves & vandals. The mere presence of the gate is enough to deter theft as burglars generally prefer to go for softer targets. However, just make sure before planning to live in a gated community that the management has ensured that everything is in place including the equipment & staff and that nothing is compromised.
  • Safety for PedestriansBoth the lower vehicle speeds & higher security levels ensure that it is a safe environment to walk around. Especially for dog walkers, joggers, carefree children & older people. Walking without worrying in open residential communities can often end up in accidents.
  • Controlled AccessGated communities have controlled access because visitors require a code or a residential friend to grant entry. There is also a record of who walked in or out of the gate. Several gated communities also provide security cameras & security guards at the entrance so as to record the license plate numbers while the driver of the vehicle waits for the gaits to open. This controlled entry & exit in gated communities ensures greater awareness of who walks in & out from the neighborhood alongside restricting unwanted traffic.
  • Solicitation is BlockedThis is one of the greatest pleasures of living within a gated community. You don’t have to let anyone in that you do not know. This effectively means that any type of solicitation is blocked. You no more have to worry about doorbell rings of pushy salesmen or marketing survey people waiting on the other side of the door.
  • Higher Value for PropertyBuilding codes & exclusivity due to limited space within gated communities often generate higher value for the property than non-gated open communities. This means that homes along with gated communities are typically more expensive. Eventually, this translates to that the value of your property will increase & you would make a better return on your investment.
  • Greater Sense of CommunitySense of community living is a common characteristic of gated communities. Members of the homeowners have a greater awareness of who belongs to the community & who are stranger because the coming & going out of the gates are controlled. This results in greater freedom for members to trust & enjoy familiarity with other fellow inhabitants. They can often come together for community yard sales, block parties & other friendly events to get acquainted with one another.
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