Investment in real estate has always proven to be a lucrative option for NRIs. Today, having the security of a home in India has become more important than ever before, particularly in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic.

Vertex, one of the most renowned real estate brands across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, welcomes our customers overseas to invest in futuristic residential and commercial projects in Hyderabad. Our strong foothold in the real estate market, which is closer to 3 decades, have showered fruitful returns on thousands of NRIs who invested in us.

We at Vertex ensure utmost transparent communication and provide timely updates on information about the projects in order to transact property deals that fulfil all your real estate investment needs thereby assuring a safe and rewarding investment experience.

If you are contemplating property investments in India you should take a closer look at some of our promising upcoming luxury projects that could bring in a paradigm shift in your outlook of Hyderabad’s real estate industry.

Vertex NRI Assistance

The Vertex NRI all the is formed to assist you in each and every stage of your investment process and to provide you with all the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

  • Provide you with information on bank loans
  • Assists in processing the loan
  • Provides you with transparent and honest information on project updates to the registration process
  • Takes care of documentation and other paperwork
  • Ensures transparency in the transactions
  • Can take care of the registration process even if you cannot be physically present


Will I get any assistance from Vertex if I am planning to invest in one of your properties?

Yes, the Vertex NRI Assistance will provide you with all the necessary information needed for you to invest in a property at Vertex.

What are the documents needed for an NRI to make land purchases in India?
  • Power of attorney (In the name of an Indian resident who can carry out legal and financial proceedings on your behalf)
  • PAN Card of the buyer
  • Passport of the buyer (in case your PAN card is unavailable)
  • An NRE or NRO account
Who are NRIs and PIOs?

A Non Resident Indian (NRI) is an Indian citizen who works abroad for an uncertain period of time. Person of Indian Origin (PIO) is a person, who either at some point held an Indian passport or he/his parents/grandparents were Indian citizens as per the Constitution of India or Citizenship Act, 1955.

Is it possible for an NRI/PIO to buy property in India?

Yes, an NRI/PIO can buy property in India as per the general permission granted by the RBI.

Is it possible for an NRI to obtain or give off a property in India as a gift?

Yes, an NRI can do so to someone who is an Indian Citizen or a PIO.

Can an NRI sell his/her property in India without RBI’s permission?

No, an NRI cannot sell property in India without RBI’s permission

Is it possible for an NRI to own a commercial property in India?

Yes an NRI can own commercial properties in India other than agricultural lands/plantation property/farmhouses.

Can an NRI avail loan for purchasing a property in India?

Yes an NRI can avail a loan for purchasing a property in India but only from certain institutions like LIC Housing Finance Ltd., HDFC, etc.

What are the taxes applicable to the income earned by a property owned by an NRI?

Any income from a property owned by an NRI, be it in the form of rent, annual value or capital upon sale is taxable.


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