10 Reasons to Invest in a Villas near Bowrampet

10 Reasons to Invest in a Villas near Bowrampet

September 9th

Bowrampet is situated in Hyderabad and is noted as one of the most sought-after locations for the majority of home buyers. It is known to have a promising developed infrastructure in areas like foot over’s, metro parks, flyovers, CC roads, and more. The villas near bowrampet are known to have underground drainage facilities and you will get a 24 x 7 power supply in the area.

Most of the reputed developers have utilized the real estate opportunities and constructed top-notch villas near bowrampet. They have already developed or constructed state-of-the-art residential areas all around the locality. So, for a better standard of living, investing in villas near Bowrampet seems to be a clever decision to make.

But, let’s look into the top 10 reasons why you must invest in villas near bowrampet. At the end of the article, you will know why.

1. So many options to venture into:

At present, there are over 10 projects with 2749 units available in Bowrampet. This number keeps on increasing on a daily basis and that gives you the chance to invest in the best villas in town.

  • The villas are located in and around the colonies ORR service road, Shambipur.
  • There are various under-construction villas and ready-to-move projects up for sale here.

There are gated community apartment projects alongside villas to give out a try. So, options are plenty if you want to try something different than the villas in town.

2. Gated villas for extra security:

The gated villas and community apartment projects are there in Bowrampet for more security purposes. These are available under semi-gated and fully gated categories and are up for sale here. The price value will be within 43.7 lakhs to 1.75 crores with 4200 rupees to 7000 rupees per square foot. So, even though the rates are a little bit steep, you will get promising amenities to go with the villas around here.

3. The daily necessities are located nearby:

In order to run a proper healthy livelihood, you need grocery stores and pharmaceutical centers located nearby the place. Well, the Bowrampet villas are located in such areas, from where you can get in grocery stores within walking distance! So, you get to avail all the daily necessities without covering much distance.

4. Great with hospitals all around:

There are hospitals for humans, children, and pets all around the Bowrampet villas. So, whether you have young children or elderly people in need of immediate medical attention, you will get that 24 x7. Just make sure to learn about the nearby vet clinics and hospitals available before finalizing on the villa of your choice around here.

5. Multiple price ranges to follow:

This is yet another interesting reason why you need to invest in top-notch villas at Bowrampet, like the vertex bougainvillea. No matter how much you are comfortable spending on the new villa, you will definitely come across some to match your options. Once you have pre-set a budget plan, it becomes easier to stick to it and then get proper results.

Just because you are paying less for some villas does not mean you can’t enjoy some amenities that the villas come along with. So, with community halls and swimming pools, you can spend some relaxing time in these villas.

6. The location advantage:

Unlike some of the other areas in the outskirts, Bowrampet is still developing. So, the area is pretty free from pollution. As it is situated on the fringes of the main city, the values are quite towards the lower count when compared to other places.

But, you must learn that the real values have gone up dramatically within the last couple of years. Then again, located along the ORR, traveling from your Bowrampet locality to the IT corridors will turn out to be pretty smooth.

7. Easy educational accessibility all along:

The Bowrampet area is around a few kilometers from JNTU and multiple other management and engineering institutions. Here, you have the Vignana Jyothi College of Engineering, Sri Vidya College of Higher Education, DRK Institute of Science and Technology, Police Training Academy, and also Sri Chaitanya Academy for Education, to name a few.

Furthermore, quite recently, this place has witnessed the establishment of some international schools within the vicinity like The SilverOaks Schools of Education, Oakridge International School, The Creeks, and IB School of International Learning. So, moving here to Bowrampet villas means you have a bright future ahead for your kids.

8. Villa within the gated community:

Nowadays, with both partners working and staying hours away from their house, they want security to be top-notch. In Bowrampet, you will get 4/5 BHK villas within a gated community. So, you get to enjoy both the advantages of staying in a luxury villa and within a secured community.

9. The final amenities you can get:

Once you have invested some bucks in the luxury villas in Bowrampet, you will be presented with multiple relaxing amenities to follow. Right from a larger clubhouse to the private swimming pool, and space for sports, you have different ways to keep yourself entertained throughout.

On average, an 1800 square feet villa will be priced at around 3500 rupees per square foot. It is pretty affordable as the value amounting lesser than 60 lakhs! When compared to the amenities you are receiving, that’s a small price to pay for a luxurious 4/5 BHK villa in Bowrampet!

10. Impeccable architecture:

Top-notch villas like vertex bougainvillea will provide you with impeccable architecture to venture into. Located on a sprawling 6.5 acres of land, here, you have 65 premium villas to choose from. You can either choose the one that is 2975 square feet or the bigger one at 3015 square feet. With alluring landscapes and uber-cool amenities, you won’t even have to look anywhere else for a secondary choice.

Vertex Bougainvillea from Vertex Homes:

In order to invest in fine serene living in Bowrampet, Vertex Bougainvillea from Vertex Homes will surely be your helping hand. Situated in 6.5 acres of land with impeccable architecture, this villa is like a dream come true for many. There are over 65 premium villas available with uber-cool amenities and promising landscapes.

So, waste no time further and book a place in Vertex Bougainvillea right away!

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