5 reasons why Vertex Viraat is the perfect gated community for families

5 reasons why Vertex Viraat is the perfect gated community for families

December 12th

The 8.7 acres of land thought of Viraat in Miyapur is a premium, residential, high-profile area. This gated community comprises six skyscrapers featuring 1428 apartment homes. Each and every unit here is well arranged considering unrivaled personal satisfaction. Welcome to Vertex Viraat where luxury meets complete security!

Vertex ensures that the complex is complete with a splendid cluster of maintainable administrative conveniences for recreation, relaxation, and sporting activities. Your new address in Miyapur is perfectly finished with gardens and open yards, tree-lined roads, mindfully planned social spaces, and social settings. A brief outline on Vertex Viraat offers a solid, comprehensive living climate that epitomizes the best aspects of neighborhood living in Hyderabad.

Miyapur Is The New ‘Joypur’ In Hyderabad

Yes, the fast-developing residential hub of Miyapur in Hyderabad is beyond the normal world of living. And Vertex Viraat is a ‘World Of Joy.’ It is made up of 30 captivating floors overlooking sweeping vistas of the tranquil lake and the majestic city skyline. Viraat is a befitting residential community that is redefining standards by seamlessly blending the finest of amenities with breathtaking architecture.

This ‘World Of Joy’ called Viraat is made up of ultra-luxurious high-rise apartments where residents live by the lake in contemporary and exquisitely designed homes. And thanks to many luxurious residential complexes like Viraat, Miyapur is steadily making its way to the top of prime locations for dwelling in Hyderabad.

Your Way With Safety & Style

Vertex Viraat is the finest example of opulent living in the upscale neighborhood of Miyapur. And here is what you can expect when you choose to move in here with your loved ones.

  • Perfect Mix Of Privacy & Pleasure: Vertex Viraat is an exclusive gated community located in the scenic escape of Miyapur. This assures that you will have the utmost privacy at home as the premise is protected by thick walls without making you feel suffocating. Moreover, the gated community enjoys unique twin-side road connectivity. Which gives you enough room to connect and live comfortably with your loved ones.
  • Total Security: Viraat offers a shield of safety in a paradise of luxury! Vertex offers some of the safest homes in Hyderabad. Each residential complex, including Viraat, is equipped with the latest security systems. These gadgets and systems are overseen by highly trained security personnel. Additionally, the entire residential complex is guarded by CCTV cameras and fitted with the latest smoke detectors in order to prevent any outbreak of fires.
  • Private & Sophisticated Urban Living: You cannot miss out on key ingredients when choosing a new home for your loved ones. There is no need to drive out to the nearest market. Vertex Viraat maintains a fully stocked grocery store at the clubhouse. Besides this, other amenities at Viraat include a cafe lounge, a gymnasium, a spa, and several other sporting facilities like aerobics, badminton courts, TT lounge, and squash courts. You can have it all from guest rooms, and preview theater, to the banquet hall. 
  • A Friendly Environment: Living in a gated apartment community in Miyapur is like having a slight world of your own. Especially at Viraat, everything you need is within your reach. This drastically improves the quality of life for resident families. Even the neighborhoods here are friendly and allow you to meet and mix up with different people from different backgrounds. And this empowers you to develop a sense of belonging. Especially when you are celebrating and conducting events within the community.

Welcome 2024 – Future of Real Estate Starts Here 

As the leading residential property developer, Vertex Homes guarantees premium gated community luxury apartments and opulent villas. These dwellings are specifically designed for the affluent seeking a befitting lifestyle for their loved ones in the burgeoning city of Hyderabad.

The real estate industry in the capital city of Telangana has experienced seismic shifts in recent times. Presenting new opportunities and dynamics many developers nowadays are calling for decisive action. The landscape as a result is evolving. It is more crucial now than ever to actively engage in the conversations that are shaping the future.

Nevertheless, the exciting news is that the new era of real estate has arrived. And it brings along with it immense opportunities. So, stop speculating, and start moving. There is no time to waste; It is your call to action. Grab on this invitation to step into the next chapter of your journey with your beloved folks.

Your Secluded Oasis Within The City

The Vertex Viraat residential community is coming together in Miyapur to kick off what could be the most important year in real estate. It requires big thinkers like you and diverse voices who are keen to embrace change. You are in charge of the future of your family and of the housing and real estate narrative.

The destiny of your loved ones is in your hands and your role goes beyond observation. It requires active decision-making to the unfolding narrative.

Surround Yourself With Luxury @ Vertex Viraat

Unity comes with the community at Vertex Viraat. It is located right where convenience, accessibility, and solitude combine to form an exclusive watering hole. This community provides for complete living by bringing all your needs closer with easy access to transportation, including an MMTS station facility at a walkable distance. Then there is the advantage of being equidistant to a couple of highways to add to the charm of living here. However, note that this is a choice for a select few only.

Here are the key elements for you to embrace in this evolving landscape. Real estate acts like a bond plus investment and cozy living. It is a type of bond that has more upside potential and less downside potential when compared to other opportunities. Although nothing is guaranteed, your home definitely holds delightful potential. 

A Home In Paradise – Inside & Out

Miyapur, inland to Vertex Viraat is a busy industrial hub located 22 km north-west of Hyderabad. Administered by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), it is catering to the IT sector and is well-connected to all major landmarks in the area. Miyapur is also fast developing into a major residential hotspot as well with many high-rise buildings and residential projects coming up in the vicinity.

Experience The New ‘Joypur’

Seeing is believing; witness Miyapur first-hand. No amount of words can describe the real feel. Take a day off to Joypur with your loved ones and visit Vertex Viraat shaping the future of residential real estate in Hyderabad. Hear the calling and avoid stalling!

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