6 Reasons Children Love Gated Communities!

6 Reasons Children Love Gated Communities!

February 24th

Safety & Security are the two primary aspects why parents normally prefer to live in gated communities. Gated communities have specific boundaries and are well-guarded at the same time. Moreover, most of these projects also keep a record of who enters and exits the premises. Apart from the fact that they only have a few defined entrance and exit points.

But the moot question is how does living in a community help children? And do children enjoy such an environment in the first place?

The answer is an emphatic, Yes. Children do enjoy living in gated communities. The environment eventually helps them form lifelong bonds without any discrimination. A gated community equips them with qualities like respect, kindness, and equality for each other. Kids also develop a sense of belonging among their peers. This aspect is quite important for their emotional and mental growth as well.

Children are Born in Another Time

Community connections give children a sense of belonging. And enable them to develop social and other skills. These community connections often include extended family, friends, neighbors, and people associated with local organizations.

The effect of community on child development is another recognized positive contributor. Gated communities play a major role in the overall development of children. It surpasses mere physical development and includes everything that encompasses development in their social, emotional, behavioral, thinking, and communication skills.

Additionally, children also learn the art of communicating with others and behaving in an appropriate manner when surrounded by elders. Staying in gated communities has also helped children develop socializing skills.

Here are some of the most important experiences and factors that stimulate development in the early stages of childhood. 

Safety & Security:

Working parents as such have no other choice. They have to leave their children in daycare, with nannies or relatives. But the safety and well-being of the child is always on their mind. Gated homes with closed and well-guarded surroundings give them peace of mind as gated communities have fixed entrance and exit points.

Moreover, these are either manned or have electronic security to ensure safety. Residents and verified guests alone can enter the community. CCTV cameras at vantage points for 24/7 surveillance, electronic fences, intercom systems, and so on are commonly installed nowadays to ensure safety at all times.  

Amenities & Facilities:

Gated community homes ultimately enhance the process of learning. They provide maximum exposure to kids and ensure to instil of good moral values. A sense of responsibility and life skills are generated right from an early age. Moreover, it is always good to keep children engaged in various activities other than just academics. This improves the cognitive and social development skill of the child as well.

Moreover, parents will need to compromise safety and send kids outside if such extra-curricular activities are not availed within the gated community. So staying within such a residential community is a huge perk for both parents and kids as well. Reputed builders like Vertex Homes in and around Hyderabad have carved a niche in this space. 

A Sense of Community:

This is yet another pleasant aspect of living in gated communities. They contribute a sense of community and build social skills in kids. Children living in nuclear families miss out on the fun of living in a joint family and celebrating occasions on a large scale. Several gated communities nowadays hold events and festivals for the residents to socialize with each other. This leads to familiarity and trust among them.

Thereby, children also get to interact and bond with their peers which is great for their interpersonal skills. Children in such environments are also able to form lifelong bonds without any discrimination. This equips them with qualities like respect, kindness, and equality. Children also develop a sense of belonging among their peers 

In Case of Emergencies:

Knowing your neighbors is crucial, especially in case of any mishappening concerning the child. Neighbors can take care of the child till the time the parents return back home. It is always better to have your child with a known adult. More so when they get hurt and are scared. They need someone trustworthy in such circumstances to calm their nerves. Your neighbor can assure you that your child is in good hands and will see their well-being until you return.

Most gated communities also have first aid in the premises or provide medical help to tackle any emergencies. In-house maintenance staff is also available round the clock

Easy Supervision:

Supervision over children becomes easy while staying in a gated community. What with the crime rate alarmingly increasing? Parents staying in a gated community feel a sense of security towards their children. Societal fears and concerns over crime often restrict children’s use of outdoor facilities. The worry over the community being infiltrated by strangers is normally dissipated with constant security surveillance within the gated community.

Parents can fearlessly allow children to explore and play around outdoors. Community living is a great relief for working parents especially as provisions for creche, playschool, hobby classes, and sports facilities are commonly available within the property premises to promote greater independent mobility in children. Effectively, this increases the physical activity levels among kids during childhood and adolescence.   

Green & Outdoor Spaces:

Modern gated community apartments and villas are built over huge acres of land with a minimum built-up area. And 70 – 80 percent of spaces are open. Some specific features available here are essential for a child’s physical, mental, and emotional development. The greener outdoors provides enhanced opportunities for free exploration. Structured gardens, landscapes, and hardscapes mark the extent of utilization by children. Your child’s physical, emotional, mental, and social development largely depends on how they interact with the environment.

Time spent outdoors and level of physical activity are important aspects of development. A greater amount of physical activity is beneficial to children’s health in various aspects. A stimulating and rich outdoor space with plenty of greenery contributes to enable the child reach his or her greatest potential.

The absence of traffic adds to the charm. Noise is not something you have to worry about in a gated community. Children can play outside without the fear of speeding vehicles. This brings a wonderful sense of peace and calms away from the usual buzz of burgeoning cities. 

Unwind in Harmony

The concept of housing and the gated community has efficiently evolved at Vertex Homes. Our projects encompass the latest trend in urban areas. Our large and self-contained gated enclaves offer not just maximum security but also all the conveniences of life within and surrounding the perimeters of the community.

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Why Children Love Gated Communities

Safety & Security are the two primary aspects why parents normally prefer to live in gated communities

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