A Vaastu Home Is A Happy Home!

A Vaastu Home Is A Happy Home!

December 1st

Do you know that 90% of home buyers are willing to prefer Vaastu compliant home?

A recent survey revealed that most of the prospective home buyers would like to know the Vaastu for a property, even before paying a visit.

There is a strong belief that if one follows the rules of Vaastu Shastra for a house, in sync with universal creation principles, the five elements of nature cooperate to eliminate the hardships and become financially happy.

Before you purchase a home, it’s crucial to ensure that it adheres to every single rule of Vaastu Shastra. Understanding Vaastu can be a bit confusing. Continue reading to find out some of the Vaastu tips for homes. The below-mentioned tips may help you to understand the basics of Vaastu, which when followed, make your home a pleasant and happy place to live.

Vaastu for a happy and beautiful home

Vaastu enhances your space, according to the principles of harmony and energy flow. Most of the new home buyers primarily look for houses with basics of Vaastu and directions taken care of rooms inside in it. Amongst this, the direction of entrance prevails over that of the kitchen, bathroom, pooja rooms followed by set-up and arrangement of rooms and their sizes.

Vaastu for a new home

Plot area: For better positivity, prefer a rectangular or square or quadrangular shaped plot.

The Main Entrance: Maintaining the Vaastu for entrance is the most important thing and is believed as an auspicious thing if it faces the East.

Living Room: Ensure that a living room is on the front side.

  • East-facing living toom is considered to be lucky.
  • North-facing north also has abundant benefits.

Pooja Room:  The Ideal place for the pooja room is the northeast corner. Most people opt ground floor for this room. 

Study Room and Home Library: North-East position in a home should be allocated for a study room. It will lead to good results in studies.

Kitchen Room: For an ideal Vaastu home, the kitchen should be positioned in the South-East.

Dining Hall: The dining area is best positioned at a corner near the kitchen in the South-East or North-East Direction for a Vaastu home.

Master Bedroom: According to Vaastu Shaastra, South-West direction is the ideal location for the master bedroom.

Toilets: Toilets and bathrooms should be placed in the West and South directions. The drain should flow in the northeast direction.  

Other important aspects:

  • The north direction of the house should not be closed or blocked as this is regarded as the way for prosperity.
  • Never move to a new house or buy a new flat on Tuesday or Saturday, since those days are considered unfortunate.
  • It’s better to avoid flats constructed in the Northeast or South-West corners.
  • Wealth and cash are better in the North zone of the bedroom.
  • It would be advisable to use light colours on your walls like cream, white, yellow, blue and Green for positivity, according to the Vaastu colours for a home.
  • Never go for flats with balconies to the South, as it is considered to be very unlucky.
  • Make sure that the number of columns and beams in your home is even and doesn’t have sharp edges.
  • A house number that is in harmony with the date of birth of the owner brings lifelong happiness.
  • Always keep the northeast corner clean and tidy.
  • You should face east to worship, pray and meditate.
  • Plants should be on the north and east walls according to Vaastu.
  • The study room and place of worship should ideally be adjacent.
  • Kids’ rooms ought to be in the North-West or West.

In the real estate sector, Vaastu has become a crucial part in deciding the sales of residential ventures.

Vertex Homes gives you a plethora of options for your happy living in community lifestyles. Vertex’s premium project “Vertex Panache” in the heart of Gachibowli, constructed by maintaining the complete Vaastu guidelines.

At Vertex Panache, prosperity, peace and a jubilant life are readily available to you with advantages of Vaastu and a great location. Act now! Before others grab the opportunity.

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