Advantages of Investing in a Golf Property

Advantages of investing in a golf property

December 1st

Among the booming real estate of Hyderabad is a brand new niche, visibly thriving: the golf property.

 Slowly gaining its popularity, this unique real estate category is focused on residential properties, mostly villas, townhouses and commercial district as a support system to the residential properties within a massive golf course.

 You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy the benefits of a golf course property as it is a great investment opportunity, especially as the niche is new to Hyderabad.

 Let’s look at some of the benefits of investing in golf course properties.

 No. 1 The long term benefit

Considering the long term benefits, investing in a residential golf property in Hyderabad, at this point, is a smart stroke of investment. The exclusivity and prestige attached to a golf property give it an edge over other real estate properties in the market. 

The proximity to a golf course is a significant factor that enhances the residential value of golf property in Hyderabad. The magnificent views, waterfront setting, luxury amenities, green environment, and contemporary elevation to name a few. This gives it an excellent resale value which will fetch you an attractive price in the future. 

Residential golf course properties generally have a futuristic master planning and flawless design. These factors make them an exemplary long-term investment proposition. 

No.2 No, they aren’t overpriced! 

If you are under the impression that a residential golf property is way overpriced, you are wrong! This is because of the fact that these properties promise a far healthier and happier lifestyle. If you look at it closely, the prices will only be slightly higher than those in its nearby suburbs. 

People who live in a golf estate seem to be happy to have paid a small premium to live in such a spectacular environment. This makes them happy because they know that the quality of life they get to enjoy will easily outstrip the one that is lead by their counterparts. ‘Money well spent’ best explains what it is to own a residential golf property. 

No.3 The greenery of nature all around you 

Keeping the money factor aside, people opt for residential golf estates simply for the lifestyle it offers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a young family looking for a safe and serene environment or a retiree looking for a quiet life, a residential golf property offers you that picture-perfect sanctuary you’ve in mind. 

No.4 Community cohesion 

Forming strong community bonds is inevitable when you bring a group of like-minded people who share similar interests. It’s one of the reasons why community cohesion thrives in residential golf properties. The environment and facilities available here gives you the perfect setting to indulge in community bonding activities. 

No.5 Golfing round the clock 

Stepping out from your home to a golf course is a major factor that brings investors flocking towards a residential golf property in Hyderabad. If you’ve played it once, then you know what we meant. 

It’s not just the retirees, but a whole new wave of youngsters is also hitting the green with their golfing. For golf enthusiasts, life on a golf estate with abundant greenery at their doorstep is nothing less than paradise. 

If you aren’t much of a golf fan, the sheer beauty of its environment, premium facilities and the return on investment of a golf property will make you go for it without a second thought. 

For investors and homebuyers, the notion of life on a golf property is giving it a much wider demographic, as it has become all of a sudden quite appealing, giving it a much wider demographic. 

The notion of life on a golf property has become all of a sudden quite appealing to investors and homebuyers, giving it a much wider demographic, as it tends to be a good investment proposition

Vertex Homes’ GIGA CITI 

Joining the fad, Vertex Homes’ GIGA CITI is going to bring all fortunes of a golf property to Hyderabad. It’s going to be raining ROIs for investors looking to get their hands on something new and interesting

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