Advantages of Investing in Premium Plots at Capital Amaravati

Advantages of Investing in Open Plots

December 1st

The popularity of investment in plots for sale in Amaravati is rightly justified since it is still developing & land is the only asset available as of now. It is typical that even in other areas value of land increases in value by over 800% in 20 years. Capital Amaravati is still in the initial stage as the new capital of Andhra Pradesh & chances are your investment here will reach this target much earlier. This is one of the main reasons more & more people are investing in land here nowadays.

Advantages of Investing in Open Plots

Here are some of the advantages of investing in open plots.

  • The land is a Tangible Asset – Unlike stocks & shares, the land is a tangible asset. Moreover, there is a constant increase in demand due to limited supply. You can also be sure of profits due to appreciation & can expect better ROI.
  • Investing in Land is a Simple Process – Investing in land is also a transparent process. It is not complicated as investing in shares & stocks or other investments.
  • You Can Lease Your Land – Since there is no rental income from plots, leasing the land is a good option. You can lease your land for a parking lot, tenant farming or allotment if the location is suitable.
  • Plots Have Better Resale Value – Most often, plots have a better resale value than other residential properties. This is more so if development is taking place in the area. People interested in building individual houses prefer to purchase open plots depending upon their needs, preferences & unique taste.
  • Cost is lower than Residential Properties – When compared with residential properties, cost of open plots much lower & therefore affordable. Bank loans are also available for registered open plots.
  • Property Tax is Lower – While residential properties have to comparatively pay high tax, property tax for open plots is much lower. Moreover, open plots require no maintenance.
  • You Don’t Have to Worry about Tenants – Since plots typically generate no rental income, you need not to worry about how tenants would treat your property.
  • Plots are Available in Various Sizes – Plots are available in various sizes in several areas. Invest in a plot where you would like to live & construct a home on it. Even if you wanted to sell it later, be choosy about the location.

Investment in Plots for Sale in Amaravati

This time is best to invest in plots for sale in Amaravati. The new capital of Andhra Pradesh is forming & development activities in the region are in full swing. Quite soon there will be no land available here, once development is complete & entire infrastructure is in place. Make hay while the sun shines, before it is late. There is a large scope that this investment in real estate at Capital Amaravati can fetch you large returns.

Vertex Capital Vista West in Capital Amaravati

This is a 23-acre premium open plotting venture which is located just 1 km away from Capital Amaravati. It is in the heart of all developments presently happening in the new capital of Andhra Pradesh. It bears a strong legacy to Vertex Capital Vista which successfully sold out 4 phases of premium plotting projects within 24 months & continues to woo investors from all around the world. Vertex Capital Vista West is located in an unbeatable location & offers all modern premium features & facilities. Undoubtedly, this is the best investment option within the developing region.   

VERTEX CORPORATE : 4th Floor, Plot No. 8 & 9, Jubilee Enclave, Opp. HITEX Entrance,Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081, Telangana

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