All you need to know about luxury villas in Hyderabad

All you need to know about luxury villas in Hyderabad

August 31st

Beautiful, Sumptuous, Elegant, Delightful, Neat, Luxurious, Secure, Private, Serene. These words come to anybody’s mind when you utter the word villas! Villas are the epitome of luxury, and over the last decade, metropolitan cities like Hyderabad have been witnessing a surge in demand for these quaint little spaces, which are designed to deliver an enchanting experience coupled with an amazing lifestyle!

Hyderabad, a city rich in history, with world-class companies, supporting utilities and infrastructure, higher disposable income, and changing lifestyle, has transformed itself into a hi-tech metropolis. This resulted in Hyderabad becoming one of the sort after destinations for both companies and people alike!

Living and working in a metropolitan city like Hyderabad, what with its hustle & bustle, noise, and hectic lifestyle, whether you are a silver surfer or a millennial, you dream of owning and living in your own private little space in the lap of nature & luxury – something which luxury villas can offer thanks to their exclusivity and luxurious amenities. 

Here are the six key reasons why you should look at investing in luxury villas in Hyderabad!

1. It makes a statement 

Luxury villa with its architectural landscape, and the best-in-class amenities are a true reflection of the sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle you lead! 

2. Relish Privacy & Freedom

Villas with garden, terrace, swimming pool, and other luxuries allow you & your loved ones to enjoy the privacy & freedom, something one always craves for and would go to great lengths to achieve. You can go about enjoying what life has to offer without worrying about disturbing or being disturbed! 

3. Exclusivity 

Villas in Hyderabad, in an exclusive housing community like Vertex Kingston Park, offer the advantages of living amidst a select set of harmonious fellow residents. All in all, it gives you a sense of belonging!

4. Amenities – Refresh. Rejoice. Rejuvenate

Luxury villas in Hyderabad come with a host of exclusive amenities like a feature-rich clubhouse with a swimming pool, health club, indoor & outdoor games, party hall, amphitheater, library, golf course & children’s park, amongst others, for the comfort, entertainment & the well-being of the loved ones. These villas in a gated community also offers the benefits of safety and security to lead a peaceful life. And they are pet-friendly too!

5. Location & Connectivity

When buying villas in Hyderabad, location and connectivity to airport, hospitals, corporate, entertainment & shopping destinations matter a lot. And some of the best villas in Hyderabad are in Nallagandla, a stone’s throw away from Gachibowli, allowing you to travel to places of work or leisure in a hassle-free manner. Every time!

6. Give it a personal touch

Unlike apartments, luxury villas offer an immense amount of space to design your personal spaces to fulfil your need. Let’s say you are a budding musician. You can have a room customized to be your mini-studio!. Furthermore, you are at liberty to be your architect to layout your garden, bedrooms, portico, pool, and much more. And yes, you can look at harvesting rainwater & solar energy too!

7. Smart investment

Owning a luxury villa, that too in a city like Hyderabad, is a financially lucrative option. These top-of-the-line, comfortable residences witness a good upsurge in value over a period of time. With the ever-increasing prices of land, luxury villas are sure to bring in better returns.

Nallagandla is a fast-growing residential location situated in the North West Zone of Hyderabad. Being located close to the mainstream areas, Nallagandla has been in focus in recent years for its infrastructural development, which created a boom. 

If you are looking for luxury villas in Hyderabad, Vertex Kingston Park is one such project in Nallagandla that will surely leave you spellbound. 40 acres of sprawling greenery with 250 Villas. Abutting 2400 Acres of green space at Hyderabad central university. Close to the world!  

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