Best Places to Invest in Open Plots near Capital Amaravati

Best Places to Invest in Open Plots near Capital Amaravati

December 1st

Although buying plots can be rewarding in the long term, how to invest in land is a million dollar question. Nevertheless, identifying the best investment option in the land will require some research & online is a great opportunity you have these days. We give you here some tips involving a small checklist which can help you get the best of open plots in Vijayawada & Capital Amaravati of the new developing state of Andhra Pradesh.

  • Projects & Development – You want to invest money so as to satisfy your long term goals in solid investments with great returns & low risk. A real estate is a possible option but some factors can make it seem unattractive. But investing in prime land in a development focused area is the bright side. While investment options are lower for plots in comparison with other types of properties, returns are always high & stable for locations chosen correctly.

Hands-Off Investment

Investing in plots does not require any extra cost for upkeep of the property. If it were residential property, you would have to worry about tenants, maintenance & other issues. With plots, all you have to worry about is management or minimal maintenance in order to prevent encroachment.

Good ROI for Long Term

Value addition for the long term with investment in plots is more affordable than residential property. You will also save a considerable amount of money with a lesser requirement for maintenance. However, since land investment is tricky & fraught with risks, ensure that you are mindful of a few things before investing.

Plan Your Investment Budget 

Take time to plan out your budget. Before that do good research on land investment options in the areas you are interested in. Make a checklist for the same.

  • Savings & Income Evaluation – Estimate savings & debt-income ratio if you are availing finance for this venture. Various other investment tools like mutual funds or fixed deposits are also good sources of financing. Analyze the amount you are willing to invest & what you would be left with.

Research Well Before Investing

To begin with, choose the right location & a trusted developer. Learn about market trends & development news related to the area you are willing to invest in. This is to help you with decision making.

  • Market Trends – Investigate trends & recent market reports on real estate in the chosen region. Check on news related to investment options, prices, popular plots for investment, type of land investments & others.
  • City & State Development – This can be a game changer. Make sure that the plotting project is approved & is not due for development of any government project or under litigation. You can obtain this information from local municipalities & development authorities.
  • Location of Plots – Plots which are situated along a developing city, business sector, railway station or an airport are great investment opportunities. It is wise to invest in areas in such sectors & which ensure that you get maximum returns in the future. Make it a point to invest in a land where you can see the possibility of growth & development.
  • Duration for which your Investment can hold – This is also an important aspect which you should consider. Since land is not a liquid asset like a fixed deposit or gold, it can take a considerable amount of time when it comes to finding a buyer at a fair price. While plot investment will help you gain on capital appreciation when you sell, your planning will eventually help you in maximizing returns & turn your venture into a grand success.

Vertex Homes’ Plotting Ventures near Capital Amravati

  • Vertex Capital Vista – This plotting venture is spread across 24-acres of lush green surroundings. It offers premium plots which are adjacent to Capital Amaravati Inner Ring Road. Three phases of Vertex Capital Vista are sold out already & Phase IV is selling fast. Landmarks like International Cricket Club, Electronics & IT Hub & more are coming up in close proximity. This is a CRDA approved the project in which people from Hyderabad, Middle East & USA are interested.
  • Vertex Capital Vista West – This premium plotting venture is spread across 25-acres. It is located within the heart of all development projects like educational institutions, infrastructural developments, sporting facilities, commercial & residential developments coming around Capital Amravati City. Vertex Capital Vista West carries a rich legacy & continues to woo investors from all parts of the world. This is set to be the best investment option in the entire region.
  • Vertex Capital County Open Plots – These plots are a window into the future. Located adjacent to the Acharya Nagarjuna University near Capital Amravati, Vertex Capital County open plots are spread across a 35-acre expanse. This is the first plotting venture in the region featuring a world-class clubhouse & a sports arena. Backed by CRDA approval & impeccable trust of Vertex, Capital County Plots are fast turning out to be the hottest investment opportunity along the Guntur-Vijayawada stretch.

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