Buying 4 and 5 BHK Villas in Nallagandla is an Excellent Investment Option

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May 15th

Whether you live in one or rent it out, investing in a villa beyond doubt is a very profitable option. Unsurprisingly, luxury properties are booming like never before, thanks to the best returns on their investments. Top officials and professionals across Indian Metropolitan cities, including Hyderabad, prefer to stay in villas instead of apartments. Moreover, villas fetch you better rent than an apartment. And in most cases, you can meet the EMI on a home loan from the rent.

As a matter of fact, luxury properties in Hyderabad are attracting wealthy investors, including NRIs, from around the world. With a constant appreciation in land value within the metropolis, investing in villas is an excellent investment option over apartments. Appreciation value of apartments as such on the other hand, largely depends upon the undivided share offered with the property and on the mass development of the locality.

Investing in a Dream

Given the financial definitions of a property, a villa is a stable asset beyond comparison. Moreover, your luxury villa property approves to be a great investment option that every individual desires. It continues to be a sign of class in the context of social stature. This is one of the prime reasons why real estate buyers are more inclined towards investing in villas overall.

Villas in gated communities in an urban setting invariably offer luxuries that people desire. A growing number of home buyers also realize that investing in a villa fetches far better returns alongside the fool proof security it provides.

Wise & Valuable Investments

Investing in real estate is the best way forward compared to other forms of investments that may swing wildly. Real estate rates rise steadily and over time. 

Villas have great resale value and are always in demand. It is not just a built structure but a plot of land is attached to it as well. This stands on adding to its value. Furthermore, the availability of villas is always lower than other types of homes. Their demand, therefore, is always higher. Hence, they make a great investment option.

Villa homes are normally located in premium neighborhoods. It is of prime importance and adds to the comfort and convenience of home dwellers. And most villas are usually set in inviting green campuses which make them ideal living spaces for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Returns of Investing in Villas

Villa Homes tend to be the best option among the multiple options of properties available in the market. Here are some reasons why villas in Nallagandla, Hyderabad are best suited for your investment.

Prime Location:

Location is primary while investing in real estate. Nallagandla is one of the most desired residential locations in Hyderabad. Located within the state capital’s Financial District, it is in close proximity to many IT and ITES companies. Nallagandla is also directly connected via the Nehru Ring Road to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

Financial Advantage:

It is better to invest in a villa if you are up for a home loan. Especially when you are working on a low budget. Loans are far easier to avail in the case of villas than apartments since you also become the owner of the land when you buy one. Apart from the financial aspect, you will also save on time as approvals come faster.

Longer Life:

And then villas have a longer life as well. They are built upon a sturdy foundation and have a better option of maintenance. You can also upkeep the premises according to your necessities. The Vertex Kingston Park luxury villas in Nallagandla are thoughtfully designed and developed. They render a strong structure that can withstand all kinds of natural calamities and disasters.

High Appreciation Value:

This is yet another best thing about investing in Kingston Park villas at Nallagandla. The intrinsic value of these villa homes continuously appreciates because of the reputed brand value of the Vertex Group. Moreover, the increasing price value of the land and local advantage equally contribute to appreciation.

Opportunity to Lead a Holistic Life:

The 4&5 BHK Kingston Park luxury villas in Nallagandla by Vertex Homes are strategically located at a convenient distance from the main city. They foster a better life for residents while allowing them to enjoy a serene life. Dwellers also earn an opportunity to explore and lead a holistic life as the campus is surrounded by a lush green environment within city limits.

Highly Secure:

All 250 luxury villas at Kingston Park are developed keeping security in mind. They champion a safe and secure environment for the resident families and yet allow them to indulge in outdoor activities without any concern. This gated community of villas provides a safe neighborhood for children and adults to make living worthwhile.

Prestige & Pride:

Owning a villa at Kingston Park in Nallagandla, Hyderabad means that you have made it in life. Your villa here is a symbol of prestige and pride. It is a recognition and reflection on your standing in society. And you need not boast, your new address will speak for itself.

Affordable Luxury:

An increase in disposable incomes in recent years, especially among IT professionals, has made investing in real estate convenient. People have also changed their perspective on lavish homes with lesser responsibilities and a decrease in family size. Living in villas nowadays is not just a luxury for the discerning few.

Comfort & Ease of Living:

Mind you, there is more to living in villas than just luxury. You also get to live in privacy without noise pollution from the surroundings in an increasingly intrusive environment. Your home in a villa is an oasis of personal space where you can make additions and alterations at your will. You get a private garden, own a terrace, and enjoy the common amenities as well that come bundled with a gated complex.

Nothing can be better than a villa home when it comes to investing in property. Villas in gated communities also come with added security. They commonly feature cameras, security personnel, and new technologies like 24X7 surveillance systems to keep families safe. 

The High Point of View

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Vertex Homes is a reputed leading real-estate development brand in Telangana for over three decades now. An unparalleled reputation built upon performance toward customer delight. 

Dedicated to bringing in advanced and innovative developments in the real estate industry, Vertex strives to improve the quality of life by maintaining a steady balance between home seekers and the environment. Vertex caters to a diverse product portfolio of realty projects. 

Kingston Park Villa Homes are a jewel amongst the many showered by Vertex. Experience the pinnacle of living here in Hyderabad!

About Vertex Kingston Park

Every villa at Kingston Park entails tall glass windows, huge sit-outs, and breathtaking views of the greenery outside of each room. It will transport you into a fairy tale with its own stylistic glory.

Befitting a rare beauty, the Vertex Kingston Park in Nallagandla, Hyderabad is surrounded by an ecosystem of trees, seasonal blooms, lush lawns, and waterbodies that are home to birds and butterflies. Living within a metropolis could not have been any better! 

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