Choose The Right Gated Community For Your Lifestyle

Choose The Right Gated Community For Your Lifestyle

January 30th

Gated communities are a great option! Especially when you are looking for a more secure and peaceful residential environment for the entire family. The true essence of your cherished home beyond doubt lies in the comfort and security of your household.

Vertex Homes has been at the forefront of providing such spaces in and around the burgeoning city of Hyderabad. Their gated community villas and apartment complexes offer the perfect blend of luxury and serenity. Alongside a well-maintained infrastructure, these gated residential havens normally include recreational amenities and a tranquil atmosphere. Moreover, homeowners here do not have to put up with any solicitors or heavy traffic.

Conceived as closed settlements from inception, gated communities are typically designed with the intention of providing foolproof security to the residents. They effectively prevent penetration by non-residents. Furthermore, these houses are of high quality and provide services and amenities that can only be used by residents

Thanks to the CCTV cameras, security guards, and access control measures people nowadays are commonly choosing gated communities in an urban setting. Gated communities are meant to ensure that residents feel safer and utterly secure. These complexes also normally provide amenities like gyms, clubhouses, parks, and swimming pools that residents can use.

Choosing the Right Gated Community

As a norm, a residential property should allow and facilitate the community to thrive. Gated communities are better known as a walled community. They include features that make living here a unique and amazing experience. Note that a gated community is a group of houses accessed by its residents only.

Here are the main features that matter when choosing an ideal gated community residential home.

  • Estate Arrangement: Apartment homes within a gated complex have a common structural and architectural arrangement. It allows all households to have a host of amenities in one space. Make sure that the entrance to the housing complex is strictly controlled. It matters more when all amenities are enclosed within a single zone.
  • Secured Environment: This is the most important aspect of any establishment. Make sure that the security is foolproof. A lot can go wrong and cause irreparable damage when security fails to stand up. The gated community should ensure massive investments in this sector. They should invariably include alarm security systems, CCTVs, security guards, electrocuted wiring of the perimeter walls, and more.
  • Unrestricted Water Supply: See to it that the water supply system sufficiently provides enough for all residents. This can be done through borewells, piped water, tapped water, water bowsers, and storage of water inside tanks. Additionally, the availability of a water treatment plant is also welcome as far as the water supply is concerned.
  • Private Roads Network: Ensure that the roads leading to the gated community are not ripe with congestion or potholes. See that they are well constructed in the same vein as inside the gated complex. Make sure that these roads make transport convenient, easy, and safe on all parameters. The residents of your gated community should not be affected by traffic disarrangements.
  • Sharing Amenities: Most often gated communities have a lot in common. And sharing important amenities definitely saves on costs. The pooling of resources ensures efficiency and is beneficial to all homeowners. The shared amenities by people typically include a children’s play area, a gym, a golf course, recreational parks, social halls, sports clubs, and a swimming pool.
  • Robust Community: Indeed, great things happen when we come together. Members of the gated community live in harmony when all residents respect each other’s privacy. And when any type of security situation is effectively handled communally. This very environment offers great leverage for growth areas like day-care-centers, and schools. A strong bond is nurtured during birthday celebrations, graduation events, and when parents commonly meet each other in schools and around these gated complexes.
  • Exclusive Facilities: These normally include cafes, classy restaurants, clinics, hospitals, parking lots, and shopping malls. They also ensure that these resources meet the professional living standards of residents who look upon the gated community as their home. Nevertheless, house managers should ensure that professional cleaning is of the highest standards.

Living Within Luxurious Gated Communities

Over time, gated community complexes in cities have significantly evolved from the original conception of a small number of facilities to a luxurious way of life today. Developers these days are exploring and innovating the existing ways of life. They provide potential customers with strategically built apartment complexes and changing lifestyle alternatives like villas within gated enclosures. These homes seek to encapsulate the essence of a global design along with a balanced presence.

Gated complexes have an in-built ability to foster a sense of community. This also plays an important role in determining your personality and approach to life. Residents in a gated atmosphere can enjoy and take advantage of a wide range of privileges for a trouble-free way of life.

Apart from security and well-being, increased privacy is yet another perk of living within a gated community. The neighborhood only allows entry to residents and verified guests. It enables you to keep your home away from break-ins and bustling intruders.

Property value is yet another factor. You are wrong if you believe that living in a gated community is more expensive. The maintenance fees that you have to pay in fact enable the community as a whole to work together to keep the property in a better condition. It results in a greater valuation for the asset you own when you want to move out in comparison to non-gated or individual homes. 

Vertex Homes – Embrace Safety & Security In Style

Welcome to the best homes in Hyderabad! From the starlit skies above you to the delightful open courtyards, celebrate every moment of life in style. Be it majestic villas or luxurious apartments, Vertex Homes is inspired to bring back ecstatic living in the contemporary avatar!

Vertex Kingston Park, Nallagandla Near Gachibowli

Abutting 2400 acres of green space, Vertex Kingston Park is a gated villa community that is different by design. Comprising of 270 exquisite villas, it weaves an age-old concept in the architecture that invites the birds and butterflies into homes with the outdoor atmosphere flowing right into the indoors.

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Vertex Viraat in Miyapur, Hyderabad

Miyapur is a thriving example of cozy living in Hyderabad! And Vertex Viraat makes it Doubly delightful. Featuring 6 skyscrapers housing 1428 luxurious units, this gated apartment community with world-class amenities is merely a 30-minute drive away from the major IT hubs in the city.

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