Benefits of Owning a Home in a Habitable and Desirable location for your Family

Benefits of Owning a Home in a Habitable and Desirable location for your Family

February 16th

Inevitably, there will always be people who will not be satisfied with just any house, no matter what economic conditions. In India, the demand for luxurious and family-friendly homes is increasing.

Houses that possess the essential features and desirable amenities are in high demand. Growing incomes and increasing standards of living among entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and software professionals, as well as the scions of wealthy families, are driving the phenomenon. They desire more than a home with four walls and a parking slot.

It is very beneficial to live with one’s own Family in an ergonomic home. The following are a few to consider:

  • Status aspirations are pleased:

Indian home buyers have excellent reasons for preferring premium over ‘normal’ homes. It is prestigious to buy a family-friendly and luxurious home. After all, most house owners have invested a lot of time and money into their homes that offer them an admirable lifestyle.

  • Security, Comfort, and Smart reasons:

The key reason to choose family-friendly homes is outstanding security factors. Both trained personnel and installation are needed for tranquil living. With the use of technology and hospitals and emergency rooms nearby, accidents and medical emergencies can be handled effectively.

Swimming pools, themed, landscaped gardens, gyms, meditation centers, manicured lawns, touch-button responsive fixtures, and entertainment and shopping are some features that contribute to a comfortable living experience.

The modern-day comforts are the facilities most home buyers look for while buying a house. Smart technology and innovation contribute to a high-end living experience.

  • Assurance of a reasonable investment value and technological capability:

Indian Property investment is in high demand, rivaling even Gold. These are two of the most traditional wealth-building investments in India. Properties are, however, an asset whose value increases continuously – and it is also a ‘performing asset,’ meaning that it serves a purpose even as it gains value. As luxury houses are always in demand, even in the secondary market, HNIs view them as the perfect investment opportunity to guarantee a multiplied return in the future.

Technology and IT innovations have made a living in high-end homes extraordinary and more convenient for residents. Whether it’s solar generators or remote control window shutters, everything is geared towards meeting the demands of homebuyers who want ultra-modern comforts.

  • Availability of better neighborhood and worth living surrounding:

Having a luxurious and family-friendly home for one’s Family offers more than just conveniences. Luxury developments are also a great place to raise children and socialize with other adults. Such projects ultimately aim to create a society with a certain degree of culture, education, and belief.

Vertex Homes is one of the leading real estate companies featuring some great family-friendly home projects. Let’s have a look at:

Vertex Pristine:

Vertex pristine, a premium gated community located in Hyder Nagar, Kukatpally’s most convenient Hyderabad location, offers ultra-modern 2,3 BHK Apartments. In addition to its stylish design, the project boasts of the newest amenities and features. The facility is near JNTU and has excellent connections to the rest of the city. The community is where residents are provided with a better quality of life. There is an extensive central park, enticing landscapes, and outdoor play areas where residents can enjoy the fresh air. Socializing in beautifully designed communal areas provides residents with an opportunity to meet their neighbors and friends.

Vertex Viraat:

For those looking for a place to live in Hyderabad or invest, the Vertex Viraat is the perfect destination. It is spread over 8.7 acres in Miyapur, a significant residential and commercial hub of Hyderabad. It is an attractive and dream destination for real estate investors. The 2,3 BHK apartments in this gated property are located within 30 minutes drive from Hitech City and Financial District, two of Hyderabad’s IT hubs. Vertex Viraat will benefit from a significant advantage regarding connectivity, located by the NH-9 (National Highway-9) and the government’s plan to extend the Metro line 13 km towards BHEL.

Vertex Premio:

Vertex Premio is a premium Gated community featuring 223 elegant 2, 3 BHK apartments in 6 blocks, located in Hydernagar, Kukatpally. Investing in Vertex Premio apartments opens up the possibility of a great ROI since the area’s demand is high. Vertex Premio apartments are a complete package for you to lead a relaxed and premium lifestyle as they are designed with premiumamenities and many locational advantages.

A valued component of Vertex’s success is its reputation due to its quality constructions, on-time delivery, performance, and trust. If you are looking for a family-friendly home, visit

VERTEX CORPORATE : 4th Floor, Plot No. 8 & 9, Jubilee Enclave, Opp. HITEX Entrance,Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081, Telangana

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