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Pet-friendly Apartment Gachibowli

December 1st

It’s hard to find joy in life better than coming back to your pet(s) at home. Those forever cute eyes and wagging tails will any day melt our souls. Life with the pooches is fun-filled, full of love and can turn a house into a home.

Finding the right pet-friendly apartment is one of the nightmares of almost every pet owner out there. But with proper planning and adequate information, the task isn’t as difficult as you think. Let’s look at some of those factors which could come handy in moving with your pets.

Start from inside your home (Documents)

 Make a biodata for your pet. Include every little detail about your furball; Their registration details, vaccination records, GHMC tag,  details of the vet, behaviour, potty habits, activity level, how friendly are they with humans and anything that you can add as info about your pet. Keeping it documented shows how organised you are and is easier to show it to someone who needs a document, the landlord for example. Make sure to plan everything way ahead of your moving date in order to make sure you have enough time to search for the right place.

Location is a key factor (What’s nearby)

 Pet needs aren’t as easy to find as humans. While searching for a new apartment, keep in mind that it should be able to cater to the needs of your pet(s).

  • Getting a place close to work would be a jackpot – The closer you stay the more time you spend with your furballs.
  • Look for nearby hangout places for pets, maybe a pet park or even a regular park where pets are allowed.
  • See if there is enough place for you to take them for their regular walks/exercise.
  • Do a thorough search of nearby vets and animal clinics.

The perfect apartment (Pets can lead a happy apartment life)

 No matter how well behaved a pet is, at some point or the other when they are frustrated, they tend to take it out mostly on the furniture, especially dogs. So pet-proofing the furniture or choosing the right furniture would be a smart move. Tire your pet by taking them for a walk or exercising them at home before you leave for work. A tired pet is a happy pet who wouldn’t munch on your furniture or any other stuff in the house to take out their excess energy. Even in your absence, having enough space in the house and access to a spacious balcony will keep your pet happy and connected to the world outside. A pet can definitely spend a happy life in an apartment.

Be the friendly neighbour (A solution to the complaints)

 There are many people who are afraid of pets, again dogs in particular, but there is hardly anyone who hate pets. A well-behaved pet can naturally make anyone comfortable around them. If your pet is a naughty one, make sure he/she doesn’t get to show that to your neighbours unless they are pet-friendly. It’s also very annoying if the person next door complains a lot about your buddy.

Talk to your neighbours, tell them your story, buy a small gift or just a smile when you see them, are going to earn their respect for you. As your four-legged companion has the potential to scare the whole neighbourhood, having a friendly neighbour is a major advantage. You might end up finding a great family friend in your neighbour as well!

Be responsible, earn respect 

Responsible pet owners take ownership of everything their pet does. We often see pet owners walking their pets, but hardly see anyone cleaning their mess. This is actually one of the reasons most people don’t like pet parents. It’s also a social responsibility that every pet owner should maintain. You and your furry friend will earn the respect of people around you if you are a responsible pet owner.

The final verdict is that choose the best location for your furry friend first and then look for apartments in the area. Make sure to explain and convince your realtor about your pet’s upbringing before you finalise the apartment. Make friends in the building and introduce your pet to neighbours. Be a responsible parent and take ownership of your pet’s actions. With all these in place, even if you have a not so pet-friendly neighbourhood, people around will have no problems with you or your four-legged ball of fur.

A pooch-friendly cosmo life at Vertex

 Considering the factors favouring a pet-friendly living in a well balanced and luxurious setting, Vertex Panache luxury apartments in Gachibowli offers the perfect destination.

  • 3.4 km to financial district – The IT corridor of Hyderabad
  • Mere 7 km to GHMC Dog Park – India’s first exclusive dog park
  • Next to ORR – Get easy access to the ‘ín and out’ of Hyderabad city
  • Multiple veterinary clinics within a radius of 10 km
  • Gated community for a safe and secure living
  • Cosmopolitan lifestyle
  • Pollution free, spacious 2/3 bhk apartments with ample ventilation – Let the furballs breathe fresh air throughout.

At Vertex Panache, we offer luxuries not just to keep your pet happy but yourself as well. Check out Vertex Panache to discover more about the ideal living space in Hyderabad.

Pet-friendly Apartment FAQs

Are there legal rights for pet owners seeking housing in India?

Banning pets from housing societies in India is illegal. However, the pets should not pose a nuisance to the other residents. Many housing societies have developed restrictions due to the splurge of harmful dog-related incidents.

What can I do if a housing society in India doesn't allow pets?

You can go for legal advice or contact animal welfare groups. The better option is to look for a society that is pet-friendly.

What are some typical restrictions for pets in Indian apartments?

Apartments generally have restrictions on the type and number of pets. Few have rules where they ban pets from common areas. Almost all apartments have regulations about pet behavior and waste disposal.

Is it necessary to have my pet registered or vaccinated?

Yes, it is a good idea to have your pet vaccinated. With this, you can avoid potential issues with neighbors or the housing society. It's important to train and manage your pet to avoid any issues.

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