Four Easy Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

4 Easy wasy to Increase the Value of Your Home

December 1st

As a homeowner, you would like to stay in touch with the real estate market in order to keep track of the value of your property. Well, if you had bought this as an investment, it would be smart to keep tab of home value so that you can sell it when the time is right. It would also be sensible to keep up with trends & expectations or else you may end up selling it sooner. However, no one can certainly predict a peak, but there are signs in the market which can give you a fair idea.

Determining the Value of Your Home

The best way to finding the value of your home is to look at the price at which comparable homes in the area have been sold for in the recent past. Try to do this just about once every month so you could keep track of the direction in which market is heading.

Make sure to factor in basics like square footage, school district & neighborhood while comparing home prices. Alongside this, you should also be adding significant amenities solar panels, washers & dryers & hardwood floors. Also, take into account neighborhood amenities including good parks or public transportation. Make use of online sites or catch the local real estate agent & act as if you were searching for a home.

Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Irrespective of whether you are planning to sell your home when the market climbs or wanting to create a robust cash flow, results of this exercise indicate that you should be increasing the value of your home. There are many ways how you could do this. Here are some of them which can hike the purchasing price or rental value by following these steps.

  • Make the Kitchen More AttractiveUpgrading the kitchen is a great idea & which can be fruitful. People typically love to see modern gleaming kitchens. Formica countertops are outdated even if they were in good shape. Quartz & granite countertops look contemporary & are the in thing. They are also durable as well. Chrome fixtures eventually develop disfiguring marks & pits. They are unable to distinguish the kitchen. Nickel or pewter fixtures will look high-end & customized for little. Along with this, other things which can be done are improve the lighting, replace old appliances, update the backsplash & reface cabinets.
  • Redo the Bathroom – Remodeling the bathroom is next on the list. Upgrade if the countertops are low with sinks & shaped like a seashell. Put in new cabinets & countertops if required, though it may cost you a little.
  • Wooden Floors are Extremely Popular – Installing wooden flooring is a good idea. They are also popular with home buyers & renters as well. Upgrading wooden flooring if you have a carpet at least in the living room will go well. If you can in the other rooms including the kitchen will make your home more desirable. Moreover, wooden floors are much easier to clean & repair. Consider laminate flooring as an alternative if you wanted something more affordable. It is pet-friendly, scratch resistant & costs less as well.
  • More Storage is Mantra – More storage space is what many home buyers & renters usually look for. Closet organizer systems typically enhance the utility of space. Additionally, storage areas to entryways & creative coat hooks do too. Shelving in rooms can also be added to rooms which are without storage. Pull-out systems is also another option.

Owning a Luxury Apartment

If you own a luxury apartment try considering remodeling the bedroom to include a walk-in closet. This will create a huge appeal. Nevertheless, a reach-in closet will work just fine for most properties. Whether you want to maximize your rental cash flow or look forward to selling the property when prices rise, it is important to stay on top value for a home in either scenario. Therefore, figure out the cap rate & get comparable prices. Use any of these upgrade strategies when you want to hike the value of your home property.

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