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December 1st

Capital Amaravati is one of the fastest developing cities in India, an upcoming metropolis with huge investment options within. Investments in Amaravati is no more limited to just land buyers. Builders, mostly from Hyderabad has foreseen their scope in Amaravati. As a result, a multitude of projects is coming up in the new capital city. The future looks very promising to Amaravati with a trending culture of investors from all over the world investing in Amaravati’s real estate.

Vertex Homes, one of the leading real estate developers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is also playing its role in the growth and development with some really ambitious projects in various parts of Andhra Pradesh.

 Changing trends 

The former trend was people living in Andhra used to buy real estate in Telangana, in and around Hyderabad to be precise. Well, this trend is changing now. This was reflected in the remarkable response we got for Capital Vista premium plots, which sold out four phases in 24 months . This is proof of how much people are looking forward to investing in Andhra Pradesh real estate.

 The market 

The real estate market in Amaravati is swelling up. Take AP high court for example. There are 25k employees, most of them still commuting from Hyderabad. Majority of them are soon to settle down in Amaravati as the facilities are getting better every year. With Hyderabad getting overcrowded and more employment opportunities, a sizable number of people are moving to capital Amaravati.

 There are more reasons to say that the AP real estate market is maturing. One of them is the kind of property they prefer to buy. The older trend was that they’ll mostly go for the ones that are completed and not the ones under construction. But in recent years, this trend has flipped upside down. People now buy properties even during the launch phase. RERA has strengthened this with a guarantee on completion and delivery time. 

How fast is the development? 

Though Amaravati is fast developing, we shouldn’t forget the fact that it is still in the developing stage. So do not expect an overnight miracle. There is a high demand for residential units in Amaravati now. This could possibly mean that there is a tremendous increase in migration. The increased demand for commercial spaces is also assuring of the Amaravati’s growth. 

With a vision of more job opportunities, the new government looks promising for Amaravati’s development. This is a historic opportunity for developers and you can count on us not to let you down on this. 

Capital Couty villas

 These villas are golden opportunities for those looking for a home closer to Amaravati. In the price of an apartment, these futuristic villas offer the perfect homes, especially for people migrating to Amaravati. 

Capital Vista West

Capital Vista West is situated in an unbeatable location which is bound to prove as the best investment option in Capital Amaravati. As we know that the areas around Amaravati are the hotcakes of future, these open plots are ideal investment options for a great ROI.

VERTEX CORPORATE : 4th Floor, Plot No. 8 & 9, Jubilee Enclave, Opp. HITEX Entrance,Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081, Telangana

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