How good is it to Have Your Workplace Close to Home?

Advantages of having your Workplace Close to Home

December 1st

Having a job close to home has many advantages. If your career is important, so is home. Wasting hours commuting to & from office will eventually eat into quality time with the family. Cutting down on travel time will also mean that you will be spending less money on fuel. You will not have to get up at ridiculous hours in the morning so as to reach the office in time. This also means that you will not get stuck in traffic jams in mornings & evenings. You will be happy to report at work or get back home instead of feeling frustrated or stressed.

Stress is one of the major causes of ill health nowadays. Stress is not just a major killer but it also has several negative effects on life as well. It can lead to under-eating or overeating, substance abuse & behavioral changes. Other issues which can crop up are anger & social withdrawal.

Having the Best of Both Worlds

If you are living in an outlying residential area of the city, it would be sensible to consider arriving early at work & leaving early in order to bust stress & the costs which come with peak hour traffic. Many companies nowadays are flexible about working hours & not too fussed about the time when you come or leave, provided you put in the whole day’s work & fulfill your tasks. However, this may not be practical when your work involves a team approach. In such a scenario you will have to convince other members of the team to adopt the routine you desire.

Advantages of Having Your Workplace Close to Home

As commute time becomes longer, we end up spending more time behind the wheel. Negotiating the traffic is another matter. Here are some of the distinct advantages of living close to where you work.

Flexibility to Balance: 

Having a home close to the workplace gives you the flexibility to balance home & work more effectively. You can take advantage of extra time opportunities if you are just a few minutes away from office & yet have more time to spend with the family. Moreover, if required you can always run back to the office to fix a problem without having to spend long hours on road.

Become a Reliable Employee:

Living near your workplace also makes you a reliable employee. Living far away from the office can make it difficult to get there & back in bad weather. Commute will not be a problem if you were living down the street. The company can rely on you to be there even in the toughest weather conditions. Your reputation as a reliable employee will eventually serve well in your career.

Saving on Costs: 

Cost of petrol & diesel will not come down. They are linked to what you are likely to spend on your car. You can greatly reduce this expense by taking up a home near your workplace. Living close to office will help you save large amounts of money in reduced fuel costs & vehicle maintenance as well. Less time in the car effectively means less pollution & which is good for the environment.

Living Healthy:

Yes, this will also help in improving your health. You can even walk or bike to work & which in turn workout as good exercise. Just this bit of exercise every day as part of your routine will go a long way & help you stay healthy.

Better Work-Life Balance:

Working near home helps maintain a proper balance between profession and life. This way an employee gets enough time to spend with their family or follow hobbies.

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Workplace Close to Home FAQs

How does living close to the workplace impact health?

Living close to your workplace can improve your health. It reduces stress that occurs due to long commutes. You can use the saved time for exercise or pursue a hobby. It also improves your sleep by allowing you to wake up a bit late.

Will having a workplace close to home save money?

Yes, you will save on commuting costs like fuel, car maintenance. You can also save money if you opt for public transportation on fares. However, this saving might sometimes be less than the higher costs of living close to business in the city's heart.

Does living close to work limit job opportunities?

Yes, it will limit options if you're looking for jobs within a particular radius of the home. In most cases, the benefits will outweigh the restrictions.

What are the top factors to consider when living close to work?

Important factors to consider are -

  • Commute times
  • Cost of living
  • Personal lifestyle
  • Family situation
  • How much you value the separation of your work and home life

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