How to Find Your Dream Home Online During Lockdown?

How to Find Your Dream Home Online During Lockdown

June 8th

If you are looking for a residential property then this is a golden time to finalize your dream home online

Modes of property Search

  • There are many websites, which show the properties available for sale and it is ideal to search for a property online.
  • Search by visiting the direct home builder‘s website, where you can find complete information about the project and their layouts virtual floor planning. Nowadays, 90% of the buyers today depend on digital media for their primary search, as it is the easiest and safest option.
  • Search in theSearch engines or Google which can give you more accurate results for the property you are seeking with the help of Google Map. Exact location can be traced easily on search engines.
  • Search on many online and social media applications like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, where many individuals post their properties on sale. It also reduces the commission cost between the real estate developers in Hyderabad and buyers. Many sellers rush to sell their properties, this enhances the required property search and can generate much inquiry for properties you are seeking.
  • You can also avail the videos of houses, or by making a video call to the sales team available on the project might help you understand in a better way. Making a video call can help you analyse the directions of the rooms, ventilation, 2and the approximate area available so that you can plan accordingly.

Once you have checked with the layout, the floor plan, the blueprint, schedule a visit before you finalize your dream home online. A personal visit will help you verify the property features like ventilation, convenient space according to the family members, directions, rooms, doors, kitchen, etc.

There are many adverse effects seen during and after the pandemic situation globally. Economic activity came to a standstill, by hurting all the sectors, including real estate. Organizations both small and large have shifted their operations on digital platforms. Due to this long outbreak, the real estate industry has lost potential buyers, many of the home buyers have postponed their decision to purchase a property due to this pandemic situation which has created confusion on job security.

The major impact on overall economic activity both on the buyers and real estate owners end, lack of cash flow, adversely affected the developers and real estate owners which showed an impact on project completion activity.

People Found It Difficult to Buy a Property

  • Doubts on job security, due to a pandemic situation.
  • Delayed supply of construction materials, shortage of labor, which has an impact on timely project completion.
  • The downfall in both the commercial and residential real estate developers in Hyderabad and lagging behind to complete the projects.

If you are looking for a residential property then this is a golden time to finalize your dream home online, as the covid-19 has reduced the home loan interest rates and high tax exemptions. Many potential buyers have postponed their decisions to purchase properties as they are not willing and unable to visit the sites. Due to this covid-19 situation, many of the labor went back to their hometown as they couldn’t find the work and due to safety issues, from the past 6 months.

Many of the home buyers have increased usage of digital platforms to find their dream home projects, shortlisting which fits into their budget. Price growth in the housing sector has decreased as the sales may see a decline, due to overall economic downfall. The real estate developers in Hyderabad or home builders are considering marginal profit due to the liquidity scarcity, which made the situation very worse, and muted the timely completion of the projects.

Start Your Property Search Now

Instead of visiting different real estate properties directly, searching a real estate developer’s in Hyderabad via website is a very good option and very convenient to search your property online. Many of the CEO’s off-line property websites say, this is the ideal time to make the decision for the residential home buyers, as the interest rates have dropped.

Guidelines to Select Your Dream Home Online

What exactly are you looking for?

As per the requirement of a dream home, like the size of the house, the number of bedrooms as per the family size, looking for ready to move in or under-construction property, etc. determine what you want to make a choice. These factors will help you narrow down your online search and get good results even more.

Budgeting: It is an important factor to decide how much to spend on your entire house in this pandemic situation. Think wisely about your budget, and estimate the home loan amount that you require and you qualify for. We have affordability calculators which give you an estimate, how much EMI you need to pay, in case you opt for a home loan.

Location Selection and Connectivity: Of course location is everything after knowing your budget. Researching the neighbourhood, the standard of your lifestyle must match the locality. Consider the locality depending on the family and dependents you have. For example, connected with proper schools and colleges, shopping malls, hospitals, and entertainment places, and distance from your workplace are all important.

Convenience and Facilities: Check for the water supply, drinking water provided, electricity, security. Check for the convenience to travel to different places like the airport, travelling to the workplace, schools, colleges, etc. Check the proper mode of transportation available, quality of the infrastructure provided, like windows bath fittings, electricity and kitchen fittings.

On-time Completion: As real estate owners and home builders are running short of liquid money and also the labour, confirm the approximate time of possession before you finalize the project.

Use the facility where everything can be done online, shortlist all the properties that you want to visit in person to finalize your dream home, and take all the safety and precautionary measures while visiting physically.

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