Kids Play a Vital Role in the Home Buying Decision

November 5th

Living in gated communities definitely has many benefits for families with kids. It positively reflects on the emotional and physical well-being of residents. Apart from this Vertex Homes provide varied amenities that specifically cater to the growing needs of children. So, let us go through the facts here as to how kids influence the home buying decision.

It is sad to notice that we are witnessing a rise in the number of crimes associated with children. Hence, every parent should pay attention to ensuring a safe, secure, happy, and pleasant childhood experience for their young ones.

Nothing is more valuable than the safety of your child. Gated residential communities, therefore. are an essential feature in an urban setup. It is now mandatorily offered by most top builders in Hyderabad. Apart from safety features, they also offer spacious play areas that promote community living.

Living in a gated environment creates a sense of community in children and adults alike. Both gated apartments and villa units are ideal choices for families with young children. It ensures that your child gets the luxury of playing in open areas. And also provides an opportunity to be part of children from different age groups. These factors also help your child develop socializing skills as well.

You should, therefore, consider basic factors like location, space, and more if you have kids at home. Keep in mind that you will have to find a comfortable and safe abode suitable for the little ones too. Parents need to deliberate on various aspects of a home in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. These include access to schools, good neighbors, reliable child-care services, a spacious playing area, and more.

You must give high priority to the specific needs and preferences of children, irrespective of whether you are buying a villa or an apartment. So, let us discuss here a few vital confines that will help you find a suitable home for your child.

  • Better Safety: The safety aspect of a home comes as a top priority. Parents must, therefore, ensure that the property they are planning to buy is located in a secure residential neighborhood. You must also look into certain other safety aspects of the building like good quality door locks, high balcony railing, pest control, power outlets, and well-insulated switches. There should be round-the-clock security and advanced CCTV coverage facilities to ensure that children are safe at all times. Plentiful street lights and related features will also be taken into consideration if you are buying an apartment or villa from a reputed real estate developer.
  • Accessibility: This is another very important factor to consider while looking for a new home. Exhausting long journeys to school and back home are a big deterrent. It is not only unsafe but extremely burdensome for children as well. So, make sure to check if there are good schools and other educational institutions in near proximity whenever you are searching for a new home. Quick accessibility to schools will ensure a hassle-free routine for both, you and your child. Hospital facilities are yet another important factor. It should be available somewhere near the house as children are liable to often fall sick. And would need emergency care as well in case of injuries. It is, therefore, ideal to choose a home with convenient access to a nursing home or a reputed hospital.
  • Neighborhood: Yes, neighborhoods play a huge role in the life of your child. A friendly living environment is crucial for your little ones. Community living in apartments within gated communities are perfect home options for nuclear families with kids. It gives your child a chance to meet other kids and forge friendships. You must thereby prefer to choose a home that is surrounded by other supportive families. So that you can always rely upon them when needed.
  • Amenities for Kids: Most parents in metro cities these days prefer to buy homes that offer exclusive amenities for kids. It can be an indoor games room, a kid’s pool, a play park, or sporting grounds. And it is always better to have some leisure and recreation facilities available within your home as well to keep them engaged. Modern apartment complexes nowadays feature these amenities to ensure a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Make it a point to consider the growing needs of your family while inspecting a new home. And give more importance to residences that offer child-friendly amenities. Ensure ample physical activity for your kid as our lives get busier every day. Access to such facilities will conveniently allow you to spend quality time with your child.
  • Architecture & Planning: As a working parent, think about the long-term needs of your family while searching for a dream home. It should be a well-planned, child-centric spacious home with plenty of natural light and ventilation. Your ideal home should offer a healthy environment for the physical and mental growth of your children. The decor and space in your home should ensure a neat and comfortable environment for the entire family. A perfect home is one where your children can feel relaxed and evoke a sense of cozy comfort.
  • Open Spaces: The urban concrete jungle by now would have made you appreciate the importance of large open spaces. And you would have realized by now to stay close to nature in order to lead a healthy and well-balanced life. Convenient access to gardens, parks, and pockets of green spaces will gracefully contribute to the well-being of your child and the family at large. So, go for a home that is well-placed in a locality with less pollution. Breathing clean air is every child’s birthright.

Experience Life Close to Nature @ Vertex Homes 

Avoid staying near industrial areas where there will doubtlessly be more smoke and dust. You as a parent play a key role in shaping the thoughts of your children. Choosing a home with ample greenery and open spaces can teach your child to conserve, love, and respect nature.  

Your children play a decisive role in your home-buying outcome. We invite you to choose the perfect home that is most suitable for you and your family. Ensure that you provide a positive and healthy growing environment for your child.

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