Pet Friendly Apartments in Miyapur

Pet friendly apartments in Miyapur

June 6th

Nothing compares to the joy of coming back home to a loyal companion awaiting your return. The unconditional love of a pet can reach deep down and do more than just keep you company. It can decrease stress, also improve heart health, and even help children develop their emotional and social skills.

The moot question in an urban setting is would you like to take your children to a zoological garden to see a cat or a dog? Surely not! But in the overcrowded urban environment, folks have a difficult time keeping pets; and more so, while staying in high rise structures. 

You may not know that resident families are allowed to have pets stay with them in some gated community apartment complexes. Doesn’t matter if you choose a home to live on the tenth or fifteenth floor, quite a few apartment communities nowadays value and permit your desire to accommodate fur babies as a part and parcel of your lifestyle, offering pet-friendly apartments.

Bringing Out the Best in Your Pet

Ownership of pets is going to sharply decrease if provisions are not made accordingly. And surely, you would not like to deprive your young ones of experiencing the joys of having a pet to live and grow along with.

Due to a strong bonding and affectionate relationship, having a pet-friendly apartment gives you and the family immense happiness. As a matter of fact, pets act as soothers and shock absorbers enabling you to maintain balance in hectic circumstances.

As Per Norms

The Animal Welfare Board of India as per norms say that as long as a pet owner is not violating any municipal law, they are permitted to have and stay with pets in society. However, being a resident pet lover of a housing community complex, you also need to understand that pets should not cause any nuisance or bother to other fellow co-residents.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of every citizen to behave compassionately towards fellow living creatures and animals according to Article 51 A (g) of the Indian Constitution. And that it is illegal for housing societies to pass a resolution disallowing pets as per Section 11 (3) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960.

Here is a short list of pet-related bye-laws and rules with respect to pet-owning residents in the housing complex societies.

Commonplace Rules by Animal Welfare Board of India

  • Housing societies will not ban residents from keeping pets as per the norm.
  • No ban can be implemented by society. Any resolution passed in the General Body meeting by the community will not be considered valid. Ban on keeping pets cannot be introduced by societies simply by amending by-law provisions for keeping pets.
  • Even sub-tenants of apartments can have pets in their homes.
  • The community cannot discriminate on the side of the pets.
  • Barking will not be considered a valid reason to impose a ban on pets.
  • Having a pet at home, as per the constitution, is a fundamental freedom guaranteed to the citizens of India.
  • As long as keeping pets in apartments is not violating any municipal law, they are permitted to stay within the housing complex.

Use of Common Lifts by Pets

  • As per earlier court rulings, dogs and pets are family and therefore cannot be disallowed from using lifts in the buildings. They must have access to lifts in any housing complex.
  • Housing complexes cannot levy any extra fees or charges to residents who utilize lifts for their pets.
  • And that the housing complex has no right to introduce any modifications in this regard.
  • Eventually, pets cannot be stopped from using the common lift as they are considered a part of the family by the courts.

Duties of Pet Owners

Pet owners, however,  must understand the meaning of cooperation and coexistence. They have been given liberty in many respects but at the same time, they should be considerate and take care of their responsibilities.

  • Pet owners in pet-friendly apartments should make it a point to clean up after pets defecate. Or the pets should be properly trained to use a specified defecation area. This will help in keeping the premises clean and other members of the community will never complain.
  • Dogs especially should be kept under control while being taken out for a walk on the premises. The point is to make other members of the community feel safe.
  • The timings for access to the Pet Park in the community can be fixed. It can be done in the General Body Meeting of the complex and accordingly informed to all resident pet owners.
  • Dog owners in the complex should take care that the barking is not causing a nuisance to neighbors and other members.
  • Needless to say that your pets should be kept clean, healthy, and vaccinated. You should be aware that the housing community can file a case against a negligent pet owner when things go out of hand.

Unleash the Power of Pets

Studies reveal that spending time with your pet triggers an increased level of ‘Oxytocin’, commonly known as the ‘love hormone,’ and as a result, feeling the closeness and increased bonding with the pet. Having a pet eventually improves your mood as well.

Pets also advance your social reach. They can be a perfect conversation starter with an aloof neighbor or a distant stranger approaching you to ask about them. Pet owners significantly are more likely to get to know more people in the neighborhood. Dogs as such are naturally curious about their surroundings, including people and other dogs. In short, pets help you make more friends.

Scientific data reveals that couples who own a pet rarely suffer from high blood pressure and on average are happier than their peers. Interaction between them is also more among them in comparison to couples who do not own pets.

Be A Good Pet Parent @ Vertex Viraat

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Inspired by your cherished lifestyle, Pet Parks at Vertex Viraat add another dimension to the quality of living. Feeling responsible as owning a Pet makes you a better individual.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some catches, however, that come along. Here are some essential questions and answers that you may have about owning a pet in a high rise apartment and what you need to take care of while planning to bring one home.

Which things do you need to take care of in terms of your pet’s behavior?

Common decency comes first. Your pet should not be causing any issues or turn out to be a nuisance to other residents of the community. This includes barking too noisily and continuously, causing bodily harm to residents, or destroying public property. They should not be found roaming freely without supervision or acting aggressively.

Are you allowed to let your pet go free and not confine them to your apartment?

This is a big ‘NO’. Part of the regulations says that your pet should be limited to being within the care and confines of your residence. You are not allowed to let them run free around the compound no matter how much they are disciplined or love to be free.

Can you take your pet out for a walk or a ride?

Yes, you can! However, bear in mind that there are other residents who may be allergic to fur or perhaps are just afraid of animals. Ensure that your pet is well supervised and under control when you take them out.

What if my pet poops or relieves within the premises?

Never mind. But ensure that you clean up after that even if no one has seen them doing that. Remember that you would have anyway, even if you were living all by yourself in a landed residence.

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