Ready to Move in Apartments at Hyder Nagar, Hyderabad

Ready to Move In Apartments At Hyder Nagar, Hyderabad

January 2nd

The real Estate industry has seen showing a dramatic rise in the last few years due to various reasons. Government policies, high income, returns on investments, and so much more have all contributed. But one thing that has consistently maintained its position is the trend of getting into a gated community and Ready to Move into an apartment complex.

Ready-to-move-in apartments are the perfect solutions for fast-moving next-gen people. As we are seeking to have everything on the spot. It is the secret sauce that makes them a hot-selling option! So let us take a look here at some of the advantages of buying ready-to-move-in apartments.

Buying Ready-to-Move Apartments

There are several advantages associated with buying Ready-to-Move apartments. Some of these are listed below.

Minimum Risk Factor:

Risk is often a major factor in home buying. The amount invested is a bomb and so people tend to be super cautious while making the decision. Most apartment developers set a delivery date but do not adhere to the promised timing. There are a thousand things that can go wrong after paying the token money.

Moreover, you may have changed your mind about something better. Or the final price might have increased in ways that you may not have anticipated. Here comes a primary advantage! A ready to move in apartment minimizes that risk and you get the apartment without any time constraints.

Apartments Delivered As-They-Are:

False advertising is unwanted. And is not a very pleasing thing when it comes to home hunting. You are shown pictures while investing a hefty sum, but the end result is not up to the mark that was projected. It can make you rethink your purchase.

Whereas, you can check everything from furniture to the types of tiles used, the wall colors, and the amenities In ready to move in apartments. There are no hidden surprises when you actually get to possess the house.

No Waiting Time:

People move to cities for various reasons. And so they require immediate accommodation. A waiting time of a few weeks, or a few months is an added inconvenience for them.

Ready to move in apartments eases this pressure as you can fill in as soon as you have looked around and made the final call. There is no waiting gap between the decision and the date of delivery.

Taxation Benefits:

Real Estate is loaded with taxes everywhere in the country. It is therefore a tedious task to look at and cover every big and small aspect of it. Owning a real estate property at the same time comes with many tax benefits that can be claimed as deductions. Such aspects are far better with ready to move in apartments.

A home buyer has to pay taxes for the property while the project is under construction. This can be avoided when you opt for ready to move in apartments as they are already constructed and ready to take you in.

Easy Loans:

Housing loan systems are a huge industry with tons of formalities. Numerous checks include the buyer’s creditworthiness before handing out the loans. You will have to pay a huge down payment followed by several easy installments. Under-construction housing projects are problematic. You will have to pay a large sum alongside many installments, as the apartment is not yet ready to occupy.

Ready to move in apartments eases this process simply because the house is already in possession. You only have to pay the price as you pay rent, for occupying your new home.

Swift Settlement:

This is yet another advantage for ready to move in homes. You get to quickly settle in the new environment. Otherwise, it takes a lot of time for someone to move into a new atmosphere. Familiarizing yourself with the amenities, the locality, the features, and the nearby markets takes time. It becomes so easy and convenient only after you have moved in and started to explore the area around you.

Ready to move in apartments especially work well for people who are changing cities and districts and are having a hard time blending within society. You will have ample time to look and go around to see what the new place has in store for you in such circumstances.


Under-construction residential properties may take months to complete, if not years. It is impossible for a buyer to sell the house in such cases. People normally prefer to rent or buy properties that are already constructed. Under-construction projects will lead buyers to pay EMIs for a property that is not making any money.

This is exactly where ready to move in apartments come handy. These properties will bring you revenue in the form of rent or lease, and more. In turn, this will help you to quickly settle off the EMIs alongside getting ownership of the apartment. 

Ready-to-move-in apartments are a bit on the higher end of the price scale. But then, they are worth every rupee you invested as they save time, and taxes, alongside bringing in money as rent or lease. They also save the effort of additional house hunting which you would have done otherwise. Ready to move into apartments, in a nutshell, is a great idea.

Enrich Your Life & Enhance Your Lifestyle

Vertex Pristine is purposefully designed and embellished with the latest amenities and features. It offers a perfect life balanced between work and play. Residents of this gated community can enjoy all they are looking for in their day-to-day life. All that matters is within their reach.

Apartment homes at Pristine come with unparalleled features. Vertex Homes have kept up with the promise to build better communities for a better tomorrow; Firstly, esteemed customers invariably get to experience wide open spaces that allow residents to enjoy the extensive expanse of Central Park.

Alluring landscapes and play areas are other aspects that make a living at Pristine enjoyable. The resident community habitually gets to socialize with friends and neighbors in the beautifully designed communal spaces.

You Can Afford to Dwell Well @ Vertex Pristine

These apartments are tailored to the highest standards of living. Perhaps this is what you have been searching for. Express your individuality at Pristine!

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Realize Exemplary Living & Experience a Higher Quality of Dwelling with luxury all around.

Keep a note that the GST does not cover the real estate sector under its ambit. Tax rates applicable on apartment homes are charged under ‘work contracts’. It is precisely why developers do not charge any GST on the sale of ready-to-move-in apartments.


Safety and Security come first simply because gated communities normally have fixed entrance and exit points. They are either manned or have electronic security. It means that only verified guests and residents alone can enter the community complex. The security gate ensures that thieves and trespassers do not get to come anywhere inside or around the complex
Apartment living is a simpler way to live. Eventually, it translates into a happier, and stress-free life. Gated community apartments provide the space to figure out what concerns the most alongside being free to focus on things that matter. It is great that this provides an opportunity for some people to fix up their homes.
Keep a note that the GST does not cover the real estate sector under its ambit. Tax rates applicable on apartment homes are charged under 'work contracts'. It is precisely why developers do not charge any GST on the sale of ready-to-move-in apartments.

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