Reasons to Invest in Gated Community Apartments

Reasons to Invest in Gated Community

December 1st

Gated Community Apartments is the latest hot topic of Hyderabad’s real estate. As there is a rapid increase in the demand for gated community apartments in Hyderabad, builders are competing to come up with newer versions of this niche.

 For investors, this increased demand seems to be working in their favour.

 Let’s look at some of the factors that make investing in gated community apartments a total bang for your buck.

 1. The demand is always on!

If you are an experienced investor, you already know how increased demand can make quite the difference. If you are new, here’s why.

As gated community apartments are slowly gaining its popularity, the time is just right to invest in it. This is because in the near future the demand will increase further and so does the price for the property. As Hyderabad’s real estate is just stepping into this trend, investing now in gated community apartments in Hyderabad is a very smart move as an investor.

2. A great living environment

The best part about living in gated community apartments is that it offers a great living environment. This is one of the reasons why the demand for it is increasing. Because of the brilliance of its living environs, your investment in gated community apartment(s) becomes a major asset for you.

3. Better security

For the majority of homebuyers, security is the most important aspect of choosing a gated community apartment in Hyderabad. The latest technology of security equipment along with round the clock security gives the gated community apartments an edge over stand-alone buildings.

As a landlord, it’s very easy to find good tenants for a gated community apartment. Families with elderly and kids prefer gated community as it offers better security. The apartment society in a gated community is an added advantage for investors. This is because of the fact that any suspicious or illegal activity by the tenant will be taken care of by the apartment society.

4. Amenities: Everything under one umbrella

A gated community is a combo of premium amenities. The whole concept itself revolves under the idea that you do not have to leave your apartment premises to indulge in sports, fitness, leisure, etc. Gated community apartments in Hyderabad are equipped with an array of amenities such as clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, sports arenas, multipurpose halls and what not! These amenities add a great value proposition to your property if you invest in a gated community apartment in Hyderabad.

5. Sell it for more

Gated community apartments are like real estate hotcakes. In Hyderabad, the appreciation for gated community apartments is much higher compared to stand-alone apartments. The above-mentioned points pretty much sum up why it is so. Another reason is that, as gated communities offer better specifications and design, people are increasingly searching for it.

Vertex Pristine

Keeping up with the evolving trends, Vertex Homes is coming up with yet another premium gated community, VERTEX PRISTINE, amidst all conveniences in Kukatpally. Vertex Pristine offers a great investment opportunity due to the increase in demand for gated community apartments among homebuyers. Investing now in Vertex Pristine would give you the best returns as this the initial stage of the project. The prices will only increase as you wait longer. Talk to us to know more about the investment options or to know more details of the project.

Investing in Gated Community Apartments FAQs

How does a gated community enhance security?

Below are some of the ways a gated apartment enhances security -
  • 24/7 security staff
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Controlled entry and exit points

What are the top amenities in a gated community?

Amenities in a gated community include -

  • Parks
  • Swimming pools
  • Gyms
  • Clubhouses
  • Children's play areas
  • Sports facilities
  • Supermarkets
  • Some schools too

Are gated community apartments expensive?

Gated community apartments have higher upfront costs. This is primarily due to the amenities and security features. However, these features also lead to higher resale value. In addition, it also gives a better overall living experience.

Do gated community apartments have a lot of rules and regulations?

Yes, gated communities often have stricter rules and regulations. This is primarily to ensure a peaceful living environment. Some of the top rules include rules about pets, noise, use of common areas, etc.

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