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December 1st

Yes, luxury villas are in demand! Luxury & premium segments in India have over the past decade witnessed an unprecedented rise in both, size & significance. Real estate developers are therefore launching villas & luxury housing owing to high demand. Increased aspirations & evolving lifestyle are the major factors which are redefining living in villas in India. Affluent lifestyle & living with an increase in liquid income by young professionals has triggered a 50% growth in demand for living in villas.

Luxury Villa Segment In India

Even when the overall real estate segment faced a downturn in the past, the luxury villa segment in India continues to record good sales. Property developers of luxury villa projects are undeterred & continue to launch new projects. Luxury housing amounts to almost 4 to 5 percent of the overall housing segment. Moreover, this is set to rise as the number of affluent people will go up in the days to come.

In the Days to Come

Real estate developers are lining up various schemes of housing like villas, penthouses & others with a special emphasis on location, proximity, serene views & amenities which are some of the things which home buyers look for while looking for a luxury property. Living in a villa within a gated community, away from the choked infrastructure from a city allows you to enjoy more space, views & luxurious amenities that come along with a clubhouse. This is one of the main reasons as to why people are moving towards villa living for good living.

Growth with a Positive Change

Growth in the Indian economy has brought about a change in the lifestyle of people living in the metros. The growing middle class is now largely looking for living in villas. The spurt in GDP growth will eventually enable people to climb up the leisure property ladder & go for luxury villa projects.

Why Luxury Villas?

People are nowadays buying weekend retreats so as to escape from the mad city crowds. Developers are therefore coming up with luxury projects in smaller & quaint regions & locations around cities. Above this, technology is playing a major role in making luxury villas be even more attractive for the user. Newer gadgets & internet-of-things is making it possible for us to have enhanced features & comfort in luxury homes. Villas within an integrated community are valuable assets for investment as well. Investing in a luxury project is more convenient since you have to buy fewer units when compared to other properties.

Vertex Capital County Villas & Plots

This is your window into the future if you connect with the new capital city of Amaravathi. Vertex Capital County is located adjacent to Acharya Nagarjuna University. This is a 35-acre expanse which is just a kilometer away from the highway. Why would you spend large amounts of money on apartments when you could own a villa at the same cost! Vertex Capital County is the first plotting & villa venture near the new capital of Andhra Pradesh which is having a world class clubhouse. It also features a sports arena. Vertex Capital County is backed by CRDA approval & the trust of the Vertex legacy.  

VERTEX CORPORATE : 4th Floor, Plot No. 8 & 9, Jubilee Enclave, Opp. HITEX Entrance,Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081, Telangana

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