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gated community apartments safety and security

May 24th

Security and safety undoubtedly rank among the most pressing issues in the times we live in today. Challenges like terrorism, and environmental disasters impact the lives of millions across the globe living and thriving in different scenarios. These issues also rank high and prominently feature in the public conscience and are becoming increasingly complex in the current interconnected world.

Solutions, as such, to present-day security challenges require a wide array of characters operating on multiple levels of existence. A broad theme of security and safety measures in an increasingly complex world will only help us explore and understand complex modern-day security and safety challenges.

Because Accidents are Painful

Safety and security lie at the heart of the prosperity of society. Deep inside, each one of us wants to feel safe and protected in all aspects of our daily lives. We trust that the communities we live in will enable us to achieve that.

Nonetheless, gated community housing projects offered by reputed developers in the present urban settings are a better choice than open independent housing. They offer better amenities alongside fun community activities, including safety when compared to independent housing. They also make for better investment opportunities in the long term. A high-end gated community any day beyond doubt is better than settling in an independent house.

Improved Safety in Gated Communities

Living in a contemporary urban setting, we all understand well that gated communities provide an elevated sense of security for residents and families. But then, burglars devise new ways to attack every day. The property developer, therefore, requires to be aware and undertake the necessary measures to protect lives and properties in a gated community.

Here are some important tips that help you protect the family and the community at all times.

Installing Up-to-Date Surveillance Hardware:

Understand that a chain is as strong as its weakest link! Securing each apartment within the gated community can be a daunting task. Moreover, the entire premises are required to be well-equipped to withstand external attacks and intrusion. Setting up security posts and manning the gates are considerable security initiatives to be focused upon.

Installing security alarms, CCTVs, motion radars, and other electronic surveillance hardware in the area enable handling and overall security management of the gated residential complex.

All these systems including an inbuilt panic alert system contribute to providing a fool proof safe and secure environment. Other functions like maintaining a detailed visitors registration digital file, and alerting guards when visitors overstay are also welcome and will go a long way in keeping the community safe and secure.

Conducting Regular Perimeter Inspection:

This should be routine. It can practically assess the potential security risks involved in a gated community alongside helping review and reinforce the safety and security plans of the gated complex for better management. The team in charge can look around the gated perimeter.

They can identify and address the vulnerable spots through which intruders can manage free willed access to the community environment. Lighting in dark spots, mending broken parts, and adjusting fence heights wherever required can be taken care of. The team can also evaluate the crime data of the community and take proactive measures to curb recurrence.

Improved Locking Arrangements:

Resident community on their part should take necessary steps to replace old locks with newer and better-locking systems. Mind you that in most instances you can never be sure that the previous owner or tenant still has a key to your apartment. Make it a point to use a high-end reliable locking system for the main door to prevent vandalism and burglary if you are the owner of the property.

More so it would be wise to change your locks every few years if your apartment is located on the lower floors. It will effectively safeguard your home from lock-pickers.

Know Your Neighbors:

This is yet another aspect of living safely. You should be familiar with the people living around you. It is important that you know the premise and neighborhood as well. You will understand whom to look out for when burglars or utility workers pose a threat or gain access to your home without permission.

Familiarizing with co-residents within the community will go a long way in protecting your property from imposters.

Creating a Valid Point Of Contact:

All residents of a gated community should have easy access to a responsive center taking care of suspicious characters and incidents. They need to act fast in response to prevent crime in the area. To enable this, all residents should have contact information for the patrol guards where they can call and report emergencies. A central line and cell phones for each guard on duty will ensure suitable action and a swift response whenever required.

Vertex Viraat in Miyapur

Located in Miyapur, Hyderabad, Vertex Viraat gated community offers luxe amenities to residents within a safe and secure confined setting. They are an extended family in fact as most residents living here belong to a similar social status background. 

Vertex Viraat has a tight security system in place at all times. They record the details of everyone entering or leaving the complex. Added security features in this gated community mean better protection against theft and burglary. CCTV cameras are installed in every corner of the premises to keep an eye on suspicious activity.

The 24/7 security at Vertex Viraat is pretty tight. It serves as a deterrent for a variety of thefts and mishaps. A dedicated security team of professionals constantly monitors visitors coming here. It is a routine that enables residents to embrace the highest level of security.

Extra Ordinary Apartments

Your neighbors will not be meddling here unless they have an emergency. They usually mind their own business. Thanks to tight security, no one even violates the speeding rules of vehicular traffic. The neighborhoods at Viraat are serene and quieter. All residents here feel at peace while living in an urban setting.

There are fewer solicitors at Viraat due to restrictions at the gate. And no pushy salesmen for sure. Interference by delivery persons is only likely to be permitted by your approval.

Safety First. Security Guaranteed

Vertex Viraat creates a strong sense of community. It is strategically located in close proximity to schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and entertainment centers to provide a healthy family experience. Easy accessibility to basic amenities is the key to a comfortable dwelling.

All this and more come along with luxurious recreational facilities that are planned to offer an improved standard of living. All residents have exclusive rights to access them at their convenience. Common facilities available at Viraat include playgrounds, fitness centers, swimming pools, spas, sports courts, and more.

Vertex Viraat Safeguards Your Privacy

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