The Advantages of living in a Triple-Bedroom Flat

Advantages of living in a Triple-Bedroom Flat

June 27th

When it’s time to go in for a property, you need to keep in mind that YOU DO NOT NEED TO SETTLE. You want something you love, don’t you? One thing, however, comes with is the space – there’s a lot to look for, and you might get lost in the plethora of options that present themselves before your eyes.

Indeed, homes are what matter at the end of the day. And it is possible to have a new one made with charm. Apart from this, housing is one of the essential investments in our life, and the decision on which house to buy and how to buy them can make a huge difference to your financial security.

A three-bedroom flat is one of the best options for a family lifestyle, especially for those with kids. Three rooms and a larger shared area will give you and your family the opportunities to have a private time and enough space to enjoy together.

Having a 3-bedroom flat can be advantageous. Let’s take a look at all the reasons why you might want to go for one, as well as where to live when you do.

Reasons why living in a triple bedroom flat is beneficial:

1. Adequate Living space:

Most of the time, you will go looking for a flat with a budget in mind. In most cases, your choice would depend on location. But the size of the place is also key. One of the most obvious benefits of living in a triple-bedroom flat is providing adequate space for your family.

It can be challenging to find homes with enough space for everyone, but this type of property usually has enough room for everyone to have their own space and privacy when they need it. The extra bedrooms mean you don’t have to feel cramped in your own home. It is also cost-effective.

Household crowding happens when many people live in a limited space. It affects the mental and physical health of the occupants negatively. The United Nations also identifies crowding as it increases exposure to home injuries, social tensions, and second-hand smoke. (Source)

2. Comfort is the key:

When it comes to finding a suitable apartment, you need to consider what your lifestyle is like as well. The size of your family is one of the most important factors when choosing an apartment.

If you have a big family including growing kids that need to live together in one place or plan to have kids soon, then a 3-bedroom apartment might be the best choice for you.

Keeping a separate area for the kids to play and work or for storage to be out of the way will allow the apartment to remain tidy and organized. Additionally, a hobby and craft room could accentuate your home’s dynamic.

Life can be overwhelming at times, so why not make it as comfortable and enjoyable?

3. Future Benefits:

An investment in a 3 BHK flat can be highly beneficial to you if you’re focused on securing your future. Home is an asset that serves us for a lifetime, so it’s wise to get something that will last even in the future.

Therefore, when buying a home, you need to ensure enough space for your growing family. Experts suggest thinking about your future when choosing an apartment.

4. Luxury factor:

Luxurious triple-bedroom apartments generally contain a generous living area with a sense of exclusivity. Every individual dream of having a home with all the conveniences necessary for a happy life, which will add to their status symbol.

With an increasing desire for opulent lifestyles and lower interest rates coupled with the need for large homes, luxury apartments have become more in demand.

Further, considering the cost and following the concept of nuclear families, a guest may be considered. Less space results in congestion and compromise, causing a cramped environment.

You should factor in comfort ten times before considering price because it affects your lifestyle.

If you opt for a 3 BHK apartment, you will have an additional guest room. Their routines and privacy will be respected, so they will be able to enjoy and make special family time memories.

5. Can spend time with your loved ones:

Designing a home that can comfortably accommodate a large extended family can be challenging, especially when the members range from very young to very old.

The challenge of balancing communal living with privacy, individuality, and cohesiveness when living with the elderly is not easy. Indeed, they cannot have their privacy trampled on.

Moreover, kids tend to be entirely independent and require their own space. Setting up separate bedrooms for children and the elderly is a good idea.

Having a triple bedroom flat allows one to watch their parents and children together, thus shrinking the generation gap. Nonetheless, these houses seem to make living a simple task effortless, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Having a large living space and the opportunity to live comfortably with one’s family is something that one might wish for really hard. Create new memories and enjoy better quality time with your loved ones!

Pros and Cons of Living in a 3-Bedroom Flat

Category Pros Cons
Space Ample room for activities. Higher rent or mortgage.
Privacy Personal space for everyone. More to clean and maintain.
Flexibility Rooms for multiple uses. Higher utility bills.
Cost Expenses can be shared. Limited availability.
Lifestyle Better work-life balance. Possible unused space.

Why 3-bedroom Flats are Better?

Despite higher costs and maintenance, the flexibility, and privacy make 3-bedroom flats a more versatile and comfortable choice.


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Sure, the cost may seem higher than other apartments, but you have more space to enjoy. Plus, the value of these apartments is constantly on the rise, with all signs indicating that this trend will continue.

If you’re able to consider the long-term picture, Vertex Viraat is one of the smartest options available. Consider investing in Vertex Viraat apartments today by visiting our website.

Advantages of Triple-Bedroom Flat FAQs

Can a triple-bedroom flat accommodate a home office or study area?

The extra bedroom in a triple-bedroom flat can easily be converted into a home office, a study room, or even a home gym. This flexibility is essential today, where remote work has become a norm. Moreover, a surge in online education has made it necessary to have a separate room for kids' study.

Is a triple-bedroom flat more expensive than a single or double-bedroom flat?

Due to additional space, a triple-bedroom flat is more expensive. The added benefits, such as increased comfort, privacy, and flexibility, also justify the higher cost.

Does a triple-bedroom flat improve the resale value of my property?

Yes, a triple-bedroom flat has a higher resale value than smaller flats. The additional space appeals to a broader range of buyers. People with larger families want it most. There are a lot of people who value extra space for various needs.

Are there any drawbacks to living in a triple-bedroom flat?

Triple-bedroom flats do have some disadvantages. They have higher utility bills and high maintenance costs. There is also a risk of wasted space if not utilized properly. Proper planning and efficient use of space can nullify these drawbacks.

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