Top Features of Ideal Gated Communities for Senior Citizens

Gated community for senior citizens

April 20th

The days of senior citizens are typically filled with hope, life, and fun in Vertex Homes’ gated communities. These premises ideally enclose a secure and protective atmosphere. Vertex Homes naturally appeal to elderly persons because living here invariably provides a sense of security, and privacy, alongside a sense of exclusivity.

Starting from scratch, the real estate sector, especially gated communities are becoming increasingly popular amongst senior citizens nowadays. The increased independence and financial stability among the retiring section of the community is mainly responsible for this renewed interest.

A house goes far beyond a roof over their heads for senior citizens. The elderly want to move into a calm and secure environment after completing their responsibilities. And so they expect a housing project to bring certain features to the table.

Here are some key features that retired individuals want from an ideal gated community.

  • Secure & Peaceful Living:

It is now time for seniors to reside within a serene locality that offers them the comfort of living in a stress-free zone. Especially, after having spent their working years amidst the turmoil. This golden age has no time to worry about security.

Gated communities provide senior citizens with a safe abode; where they can conveniently mingle with fellow residents, alongside relishing the calm of the surroundings.

  • Ambition to Relish Greenery:

Senior citizens had always remained occupied with work and responsibilities earlier. And so they lost the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature even though it was all around them.

Vertex Homes offer them gated communities that provide them the opportunity to live in a green and clean environment. These premises invariably include gardens and open pathways that appeal to the senses and instill a sense of calmness.

  • Secured Investment:

Senior citizens will always like to ensure and put their hard-earned money in a safe and secure investment option. Real estate in India, notably Hyderabad, offers one of the most promising investment opportunities for them. The value of a property within a gated community has always been rising in this burgeoning South Indian IT capital city over a span of time.

  • An Ideal Revenue Option:

You can also use a gated community home to obtain handsome passive revenue from renting out the property. A secure gated community compared to any ordinary housing society home will always yield a higher rental value for the owner.

Specifically, a sophisticated and smartly designed gated community from Vertex Homes offers a host of luxurious facilities to attract potential tenants.

  • An Excellent Social Infrastructure:

An ideal gated community for senior citizens will provide the opportunity to create social groups alongside safety and security. The presence of like-minded people in the neighborhood will provoke senior citizens to engage with other residents.

They can snugly share conversations and take part in collective activities. And finding lasting friendships will significantly improve the quality of life for seniors.

Top Benefits of Living Within a Gated Community

Living within a gated community has its perks. So let us take a good look at some of them here – 

Traffic is Limited

As gates restrict unwanted visitors traffic is always limited in gated communities. Moreover, people are not able to drive through the community to get from one side to the other. They are forced to drive around. Eventually, less traffic means more serenity and peace.

Sense of Intimacy

Most often residents get to know each other within the gated community. With community festivities and celebrations on the card, seniors can develop close friendships alongside exclusive amenities like swimming pools and community centers.

The Feel of Privacy & Security

Traffic in and out of the premises is monitored and limited in gated communities. All entrance and exit points are guarded and recorded with security cameras. Criminal activity is thereby reduced, and gates can be locked down to prevent a criminal from exiting the neighborhood. These measures make it easier to capture them in the event of a crime. All these factors eventually provide a greater sense of privacy and security.

Peaceful & Beautiful Environment

Gated communities are most often beautifully landscaped and well maintained. They have their own private parks and walking trails. The environs are designed to give you a peaceful and beautiful place to enjoy the great outdoors.

Comfortable Living

Ideal gated complexes come with a plethora of top-notch amenities. Living here is a celebration for senior citizens. They can enjoy beautifully manicured lawns and walking trails, outdoor exercise areas, and game courts. Indoor games like carrom, and billiards are most often available in the Clubhouse. Senior citizen hang-out areas, Ladies’ kitty corners, and hang-out areas are also provided.

Relive the Younger Days

Gated Communities are well designed to bring together people of different age groups. Right from toddlers to teens, and adults to seniors, can all come together in the community during cultural sports events or celebrations, Elders thus get the opportunity to participate, contribute, and quite often win applause. Alongside providing a sense of importance and self-esteem, it helps seniors relive their younger days as well.

Gated communities all over the globe are gaining in popularity. The benefits of living within a gated community easily outweigh any shortcomings. Having a layer of security between home and the rest of the world can be quite relaxing. It is always in your best interest to take time and weigh the options you have before deciding what type of community best meets your needs and lifestyle.

Vertex is committed to creating a Safe and Stress-Free environment for senior citizens through high-quality homes within luxurious gated communities.

With over 28 years of experience, the Vertex brand has delivered numerous signature projects with onerous planning and attention to detail. Take it for granted that Vertex is the best choice if you want to live in a high-end gated community.

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