What is the main purpose of choosing to live in a gated community Apartments?

What is the main purpose of choosing to live in a gated community Apartments

November 16th

As the name suggests, a gated community is a residential community with monitored entrances for pedestrians, bicycles, and automobiles and a closed perimeter of walls and fences like ancient cities. Gated communities are characterized by small residential streets and come with a plethora of amenities ranging from parks & play areas to clubhouses, gyms, and a variety of sports facilities besides supermarkets and salons, all depending on the size of the community.

Come, let’s take a quick peek behind those gates to understand home buyers’ top 5 reasons for choosing to live in gated community apartments.

1. Security

The first and foremost reason to go in for living in a gated community, above everything else, is a sense of security compared to a non-gated community. In today’s world, with both spouses working, home buyers are looking for gated communities to give them a sense of calm when it comes to the safety of their loved ones besides their belongings. CCTV cameras, surveillance, and physical plus app-based monitoring of entry and exit of guests, vendors, and others give residents a sense of peace and satisfaction. It also acts as a deterrent for thieves and mischief-mongers.

2. Community

You are likely to get a sense of community with like-minded people with similar thought processes and outlooks. In a big metropolitan city like Hyderabad, you will find a cosmopolitan community with people from varied cultures & religious beliefs bound by property regulations and residential associations to coexist amenably. With a cosmopolitan community comes varied and rich traditions being observed and celebrated, whether Diwali, Christmas, Ramzan, or Independence day. Besides, it serves as a good ground for the next generation to understand the concept of unity in diversity. Also, shared spaces, clubhouses, and regular get-togethers promote a bonding found wanting in traditional neighborhoods.

3. Privacy

With security systems in place, you are looking to get away from the din, bustle, and prying eyes of the world outside. It’s your little world, where you set your own rules and routines. An early morning meditation session or a late evening jog, enjoying the sounds of sunrise with a coffee in hand or winding down post-dinner to some classical music – all this minus the noise pollution and traffic of the world outside! You also have significantly lesser unwanted solicitation!

4. Higher Property Value

If you think that staying in a gated community is more expensive, while it may not be entirely wrong but what you pay in terms of maintenance helps the entire community to come together to have the property kept in significantly better shape and outlook, leading to getting a higher valuation for the property compared to non-gated or stand-alone ones. Once invested in after doing all the checks, is rest assured about the valuation in the future! Apartments in gated communities also get you better rental incomes!

5. Lifestyle

In a thoughtfully planned and designed gated community, you are never likely to have a dull moment. A plethora of recreational and fitness facilities ranging from a modern clubhouse, swimming pool, preview theatre, spa, crèche, cafeterias, and multipurpose hall to indoor games, gymnasium, jogging track, fitness station, basketball court, squash court, badminton court, aerobic room, yoga, and meditation hall, etc. – all within walkable distance in a secure environment with minimal traffic, for even your kids to navigate daily on their own. For a similar experience in a regular neighbourhood, you will have to travel to different parts of town besides paying additionally for each such activity!

Some gated communities end up taking this concept of a healthy living lifestyle a notch higher with eco-friendly green community options, energy-efficient home designs, and the promotion of water conservation and indoor air quality.

Tips for Choosing the Right Gated Community

We hope the above checklist gives you good clarity to help you commence your search for a gated community. Here are a few tips to help you further decide:

  • Go in for a builder of repute and have delivered multiple projects in the city over time!
  • Get a clear & transparent estimation of the monthly maintenance charges and go back to your workings to budget in the same.
  • Check the security arrangements and the amenities listed on the property’s website.
  • Connect with friends, relatives or colleagues, or others in your network who would have recently zeroed-in / invested in a gated community. You will get some valuable inputs & insights!
  • Finally do take your family members, their requirements & their suggestions into consideration.

With a good understanding of the above criteria and an ever-evolving customer, we at Vertex Homes have, over the years, delivered thoughtfully planned and designed gated community properties in various locations of Hyderabad. From Vertex Panache in Kokapet to Verte Premio in Kukatpally, Vertex Pristine in Hyder Nagar and Vertex 33 West in Nallagandla to name a few.

To know more about all our existing and upcoming gated community projects in detail, log onto https://vertexhomes.com/projecthome

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We wish you all the best with your search!

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