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April 29th

Most of us only knew independent houses or villas as an abode before the apartment concept. We are again moving back in time where most of us appreciate the idea. The rise of the luxury homes segment in the real estate market today bears testimony to this fact.

There is nothing better than having a spacious home with no shared walls or corridors. Although the whole world is going in for tall buildings with tens of floors as a target, the people of Hyderabad are darting towards locales that have elegant, spacious, and majestic villas.

The work culture has contributed to the increase in demand for luxury homes nowadays with individuals spending more time at home due to WFH culture. It requires dedicated office space in the house to Work From Home. Villas in such circumstances can be a perfect home option.

Live Who You Are

Home is a basic necessity for all. Comfort and luxury are built in when you choose the type of house to live in. Lavish villas score better as homes define who you are. People are also viewing an increase in the land market today. It gives them the confidence and added security to settle in luxury villas. And thanks to the strength and good quality, the luxury homes segment is witnessing an uprise.

It is common knowledge that luxury villas, especially within a gated community, accompany comfort, safety, good architecture, strategic interior designs, a penthouse, a good environment, and safe surroundings.

A Smart Move

Getting to stay solid within the days to return is a smart move. A growing number of Indians are, therefore, being drawn to luxury homes without exemption. Consistent appreciation in costs of luxury homes throughout the subcontinent also drove villa projects across India.

Reputed real estate developers are also coming up with projects highlighting top-notch plans and an outsized band of niceties. These include but are not limited to, safe and secure lofts, penthouses, private gardens, and parking spaces inside gated networks.

Good Days Are Here to Stay

Due to stable essentials within the economy, the luxury housing market within the country was unshaken. It was fuelled by sturdy development in the number of individuals with high total assets who normally would not take advances for procurement. 

The exorbitant loan costs also did not affect interest for luxurious private homes. Individuals opting for luxury homes come from top-level salary bunches. Particularly those who can back and buy property from their own assets.

Love Where You Live

Extravagance nowadays is not restricted to a club and pool within the general public. The most fascinating plans, up-to-date engineering, and new advancements are being added by developers to form their statement. A number of reputed brands are working alongside universally acclaimed originators and planners to defeat rivalry.

Specialists are more idealistic about their interest in extravagant homes. Consequently, it is very sensible to expect that this portion will make a good measure of abundance in the near future. Individuals, therefore, are likely to spend more on extravagant lodging. In any case, the development of luxury homes within the sector in India will outperform the GDP by multiple times.

Why Go For Luxury Villas?

The demand for luxury homes within the urban real estate market is constantly increasing. Luxury homes offer many things. Here are some reasons that suggest why it is pertinent to go for a luxury villa:

Comfort & Extravagance

Although significant, luxury villas are most often misjudged on part of their location. Your home habitually needs to be all around prominent shopping areas in town. Shopping is a way of life that solves the day-to-day problems of the residents. Businesses and markets therefore should be located nearby.


Conveniences like a swimming pool, landscaped gardens, sports arenas amidst the greens, yoga, a Moby clubhouse, alongside personal turf like a spacious kitchen, and so forth, are things that individuals look for to partake in an enjoyable way of life. There is nothing like a luxury home that takes care of all such aspects.


Safety is possibly the main purpose as to why people choose luxury homes within a gated community. These homes commonly have established high-tech security including CCTV cameras for surveillance, guard rooms, and committed entry and exit points that are 24×7 monitored. Nearness to hospitals also makes life simpler during health-related crises that can be addressed immediately. 

Splendid Location

Apart from the condition, size, and price, the location of your luxury home is significant for pragmatic reasons. It is one such thing that cannot be changed. And therefore is one of the most important considerations for the future value of your home. Some communities and neighborhoods simply appreciate faster than others. 

Prevailing Demeanor

Another appealing part of purchasing a lavish villa is the way you would like to live your life. Your home is your shelter and sanctuary. It is a gathering place that provides an escape from business and intrusiveness. It is a treasured space that provides solace. Alongside electronic security frameworks, luxury villas increase the way of life that an overwhelming majority of people nowadays are looking for. 

Developing interest In Second Homes

Home buyers nowadays are clamoring for space outside urbanization. And lately, HNI and UHNI purchasers are progressively watching out for beautiful and independent properties like premium luxury villas within gated communities. Another significant effect of comprehensive living is that it has cleared the way for putting resources into lavish second homes. 

Move to Where & What Moves You

The rise of the posh luxury villas within a reputed gated community has benefitted both buyers and sellers. These homes offer comfort and happy living spaces that are worth every paisa you spend for. So go grab one, while you still have a chance.

Luxury Living Redefined @ Vertex Kingston Park

Vertex Homes Kingston Park at Nallagandla, Hyderabad is a place that is synonymous with exquisite magnificence. Take your pick from the premium luxury villas that are built over a sprawling area of over 40 acres of lush green land.

Claim your urban chic lifestyle.

The ‘Gold Standard’ In Luxurious Living

Kingston Park is just 5 minutes away from Gachibowli and 10 minutes from Wipro Circle & HITEC City. It is one of the largest Ultra Luxury Villa Gated Communities in GHMC limits.

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