Which is a good decision, buying a plot or buying a villa?

Which is a good decision, buying a plot or buying a villa?

July 9th

In India, people tend to invest in property higher than other forms of investments, such as Bank Fixed Deposits, stock market tradings, etc. Unlike a car or an electronic item, the property’s value appreciates over the years.

Buying a property is one of the biggest decisions that you will make in your life. This decision can affect your finances and lifestyle, so you must do some research before deciding what type of investment you want to make.

Buying properties, a plot or a villa both can be expensive, but each has unique benefits. The following section will discuss some of the advantages of buying either type of property: let’s find out what would be a better decision from a real estate perspective.

Buying a plot vs. buying a villa:

A plot or a villa? Both properties differ in terms of costs and benefits. If you are planning to buy a property, then you can compare the two to know which one is a suitable investment to make:

The benefits of buying a plot vs. buying a villa:

Plot Villa
1 Owning land gives you the freedom and flexibility to build your dream home. You can build a traditional house, contemporary villa, or modern apartment. If you buy a villa, it can also be used as an investment property – if you have the right tenant and location, you could earn double or triple your initial investment.
2 You can build your dream home exactly as per your requirements. The restrictions imposed by a developer do not limit you. Villas have more space than apartments and condos do. They give you the freedom and relaxation that no other kind of property can provide. No worries about neighbors bothering you when relaxing on your porch or patio are unnecessary.
3 You can choose from several plots available in your city or town locations. The potential return on investment (ROI) for plots is very high because many people want to build their own homes. Villas offer more privacy than other types of homes because they are usually set back from other houses and surrounded by trees and bushes so that people cannot easily see what’s going on in them.

The drawbacks of buying a plot vs. buying a villa include:

Plot Villa
1 You will have to build your own house if you buy a plot. Therefore, the size of your plot will be limited by your budget and your imagination. The cost of purchasing a villa is much higher than a plot. This makes it difficult for people with limited budgets to buy them. In addition, charges such as stamp duty, registration, and other fees may add to the property cost.
2 A person must have an excellent financial reserve to build a house in the plot. Hiring architects, bringing in the raw material, labor charges, and many other costs make it expensive and time-consuming. Buying a villa needs maintenance and repairs from time to time. This means that you need extra money for these expenses as well as for taxes and other fees related to property ownership.

Other considerations:

The decision to buy a plot or a villa is not easy. It depends on multiple factors, like the budget, lifestyle preferences, and timelines.

1. Lifestyle preferences matter 

Gated villas mainly attract the attention of affluent class buyers who are ready to pay exorbitant amounts to get what they want. Villa projects offer lesser units so that the complex does not get overcrowded.

Also, these complexes offer common amenities like clubhouses, play areas for kids, etc., and private amenities like exclusive lawn areas, terrace space, etc. To afford such amenities by buying a plot is expensive.

2. Consider the budget 

It is essential to consider your budget before deciding to buy a plot or villa. If you have a limited budget and want to buy a place in an upscale locality, it will be better to buy a plot instead of a villa.

You can easily find out how much you need to spend if you start looking for property online or through various websites or real estate agents. You can also ask them about the average price in this area and then decide whether it fits your budget or not.

Buying a villa can be the best option if you want to move into a luxurious but serene setting as soon as possible.

3. Timelines

You should also consider the time required for possession of your dream home when considering buying a plot and buying a villa.

When considering something quick, buying a villa rather than a plot would be better. Plots are typically cheaper than villas, but purchasing a villa is more convenient and quicker. This is because it is easier to own a villa rather than a plot and build a house on it later.

Finally, purchasing a plot or villa depends on the individual’s lifestyle. If an individual wants to fulfill their dreams of building a house, then purchasing a plot would be more reasonable. On the other hand, if any individual wants to live lavishly, then purchasing a villa is advisable.

4. Budget – Initial Costs vs Long-Term Costs

Initial Costs – Buying a plot requires less than purchasing a villa. If you are taking the plot as an investment, it might be fine with your cost savings. However, if you are planning to build a house, consider the costs of construction, approvals, and landscaping you want for the plot. The cost of doing all these might significantly alter the budgetary landscape.

Long-Term Costs – Long-term costs might have a different picture regarding the comparison. A villa with the amenities incurs higher maintenance costs. Property taxes, utilities, and HOA fees can add to the long-term expenditure. A plot of land has minimal maintenance costs—unless you decide to build a house on it. If you plan to make one, costs escalate depending on your construction type and amenities.

Analyse both immediate and long-term expenditures before investing. The lower initial cost of a plot might lure you. However, do consider the cost of constructing a property from scratch. On the other hand, the lure of a villa should also be weighed against the ongoing costs it brings.

5. Urban vs. Suburban and Proximity of the Property with Essential Services

Urban vs Suburban – An urban location provides better employment opportunities, social infrastructure, and amenities. However, it comes with a higher cost for both villas and plots. Suburban areas are affordable and offer a quieter lifestyle but require longer commutes and have fewer amenities.

Proximity to Essential Services – The proximity of essential services like hospitals, schools, roads, public transport, and essential shopping should always be a high priority. A plot in a remote area might be inexpensive but costly in the long run due to the time commitments required for different activities. A villa in a well-planned community has easy access to these services, a significant advantage.

When choosing a location, looking at the big picture is always important. Always consider access to essential services and lifestyle considerations while making the decision.

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Plot vs Villa FAQs

What are the top factors to consider when deciding between a plot and a villa?

Key factors are -
  • Budget
  • Time frame
  • Personal preferences
  • Return on investment
  • Responsibility of constructing a home

What typically has a higher return on investment, a plot or a villa?

Both offer good returns. It depends on location, market trends, and how well the property is maintained. Plots do appreciate more over time. However, villas provide a rental income, which is not there in the case of plots.

Can I get a home loan for a plot and a villa?

Yes, most Indian banks offer home loans for both plots and villas. However, the terms and conditions vary. The loan-to-value ratio, interest rate, and tenure also vary between the two.

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