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April 12th

What would you expect your villa home should be like? First and foremost it should feature a spacious living area and an elegantly furnished dining area. And that your abode be designed and furnished with attention to detail in order to reflect opulence. All rooms should have all the luxuries, including entertainment, that are normally expected in modern living; and perhaps within a premium villa gated community offering a host of amenities as well.

People residing in urban settings nowadays prefer villas since these homes offer a cozy space with ample privacy in burgeoning cities. Villas, therefore, have become a preferred mode of living due to their exclusivity and luxurious amenities. Lavish villas in gated community projects will be the best option to go for where you can live life as best as it can get.

Consider These Outdoor Factors

You do not buy a home every now and then. If not for a lifetime, it is a one-time process that will last for several years to come. And this is where you will get back to unwind after a frenetic day. So take care and evaluate these aspects before settling for a house you choose to live in.


Location is the most crucial part of the process. Be it the airport, railway station, metro, schools, local markets, shopping malls, or the workplace; the distance from your home should be near enough to reach on time. Vertex ensures that its projects take care of this aspect from the start.

Safety & Security:

Leaving the family at home while you are at work is the second most important factor. It is a matter of concern. You are relieved and secure and can concentrate on the job, if you know everything is safe and secure back home. Vertex makes it a point to assure the safety of its habitats. They install a security guard room and 24X7 security cameras alongside single large entrances and tall compound walls.

Nature & Landscape:

Landscaped gardens, fountains, garden walkways, courtyard gardens, decorated roads with beautiful landscapes, and a dense perimeter landscape that surrounds the entire premises are most welcome. Vertex believes these are the new luxuries and unfailingly accommodates them within the projects. Spending a fun and joyous evening with your loved ones in these landscaped spaces along with nature cannot be taken for granted. Fresh air and lush green landscapes are equally important for health. We doubly make sure that you are surrounded by nature.


Good neighbours alongside a positive environment are important for a decent living. Vertex ensures that the quality of the project and its habitats are affirmative before you move into your new home. Creating a good environment around water bodies for living is a priority for peace and tranquillity.


Vertex understands that specifications determine and are the foundation pillar of a community project. And so we doubly make sure that the materials and products that go into the making of the project are strong for generations to come. There is no compromise on this aspect of building.

Indoor Living Spaces

A home is always a place that brings you pleasure and happiness. Here is what makes your home a luxurious space to dwell in. These elements are designed to bring you and your family truckloads of happiness.

Indoors to Match Outdoors:

There is a wide range of unmatched amenities at Vertex properties that create an infinite lifestyle opportunity. Be it your emotional, mental, or physical health; we have taken care of it all by crafting a complex that encompasses indoor as well as outdoor play zones for the health and fitness of its habitat.

Amenities Indoor:

Habitat’s well-being is at high stake in all Vertex projects. We make it a point to include indoor amenities like a sprawling clubhouse, enormous spaces for entertainment, yoga rooms, gardens, parking lots, sports facilities, etc. We are inclined to make you feel the touch of luxury as well as comfort within a single-gated community.

The Convenience:

Luxury villas designed by Vertex mean a well-furnished villa with all the required spaces. It means a gated community full of all conveniences and needs desired by the residents. Vertex Bougainvillea is created keeping in mind all such aspects like a multipurpose hall, gym, swimming pool, spa, creche, jogging track, and a fully furnished library to add to your lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly Structures:

Eco-friendly way of living is the new smart living at Vertex Bougainvillea. We have left behind the old ways of sewage treatments and have installed the latest sewage treatments alongside rainwater harvesting systems in the community. The entire project speaks for a smarter, eco-friendlier, and more luxurious way of living in the heart of the city.

Gateway to a Perfect Life

Owning a house that completes all your needs gives you a sense of relief. Everyone in the family deserves to have a home full of comfort and luxury after a long hectic day. A dream home is what you expect. We at Vertex Bougainvillea, have strived to craft your dream home with love and care so that you come home to joyful moments every day.

Vertex Bougainvillea at Bowrampet is the epitome of luxurious living. Comfort, affluence, and ambiance come together in this premium gated villa community. Vertex, the most reputed real estate brand in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh has made it possible for you to live the way you want to in Hyderabad.

Redefining Urban Living

There is a rise in demand for premium luxury villas in metro cities. And it is likely to prevail in the days to come. People are also getting attracted to investing in Luxury Villas. They are looking for projects with all the world-class amenities.

To fill in the demand, safe and secure villas within the gated communities are fast developing. Living in luxury villas has become a status symbol as well. And especially for those who are habituated to the urban lifestyle.

Represent Yourself

Welcome to a perfect gateway that offers you and the family abode that you always dreamt of. Unleash the finest spiritual being in yourself within an unrivaled eco-friendly environment.

Vertex Bougainvillea offers you the topmost contemporary lifestyle features amidst cushy spaces that add warmth to life. Here you have 65 exclusive villas surrounded by open space.

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