Vertex Viraat Extra Edge Homes Designed to Suit Your Lifestyle & Needs

Vertex Viraat Extra Edge Homes Designed to Suit Your Lifestyle & Needs

July 18th

Some of the prime benefits of living in an apartment complex within a gated community include affordability and less maintenance, alongside plenty of amenities, added security, savings on insurance, and greater flexibility. Moreover, apartments against villas allow you to live in a location that you prefer, indirectly proportional to the cost of land within the area.

Living in apartments is far more convenient as opposed to living in villas or independent houses. Premium apartments or a suite of rooms are designed to function as independent living quarters that are usually one portion of a building accommodating multiple households.

Good Reasons to Move into an Apartment Home

Here are the 8 good reasons why it is a brilliant idea to move into an apartment home that fulfills your needs and lifestyle.

Easy Maintenance:

This is one of the top reasons to move into an apartment home. Your to-do list will be non-existent as you won’t have to worry about maintaining the property. Owning an independent home or villa brings in responsibility for yard work, all repairs, preventative maintenance, and the costs that go along with such activities. You still have to pay a hefty sum to get the work done even when you have someone take care.

You don’t have to worry about these things when you live in an apartment. You will always have dedicated staff to replace a broken dishwasher, or for fixing a leaky wall. It is the responsibility of the management personnel. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call maintenance when there’s an issue.

Save on Money:

A mortgage is not the only expenditure when you move into a villa. There is insurance, property tax, House Owner Association fees, plus a sizable down payment too. Add in the higher utility bills as well.

In fact, it costs more to water the yard, heat and cool a large home, and pay for maintaining the house. But it only requires a small deposit fee when you move into an apartment. It is just a fraction of homeowner’s insurance and there are no monthly maintenance expenses. Your utility bill thus gets dramatically slashed at best.

Increased Safety:

Safety is always a top priority for families. Living in an apartment unit gives added security that you fail to find in villa homes. Moreover, many apartment complexes are inside gated communities and have security cameras, controlled access, and extra fire protection as well.

Another benefit concerning safety is the close proximity of neighbors. You will always be able to hear and notice when something out of the ordinary happens. Such increased safety features make apartment living perfect for families with children, the elderly, or for individuals who just relish peace of mind.

Great Amenities:

Amenities that come along with apartment living are hard to beat as convenience and recreation are right outside your doorstep. Moreover, apartments offer numerous perks you cannot find in single homes. You have automated smart homes, designated playgrounds, fitness centers, and swimming pools along with a clubhouse. The cost can get out of reach for most budgets when you try to build them along an independent home.

Unique amenities that come along with apartment dwellings are salons, movie theaters, walkways, pet parks, and dedicated parking spaces. Upgrade your living without picking up the bill.

The Gift of Time:

Anything that can help you to find more time in the day is worth every rupee you spend in a busy urban lifestyle. And this is what apartment living will be able to give you. You will not have to worry about maintaining the yard or fixing stuff around your dwelling.

You can also cut your commute down when you live in a complex closer to your workplace. It means that you free up valuable time to indulge in activities that you love. Your weekends are now complimentary to spend with family. You can always make more money, but can never get back time. It is priceless to live a lifestyle that gives you the gift of time.

Short-Term Option:

Apartment living is best for you if you do not like living in one place for a long period of time. An apartment untied to the ground gives you the freedom to conveniently move whenever you want. Many apartments offer short-term leases as well. You have even more flexibility with lease arrangements when corporate living options are available. You have to spend both time and money to put your home on the market when you want to move when you get locked into a house mortgage.

Then, you have to additionally worry about having enough money out of your home to cover the pending mortgage. Living in an apartment takes the complications and stress out of moving.

Great Community Experience:

The opportunities for a great community experience are enhanced in an apartment complex. The close proximity to neighbors provides ample opportunity to spend time together.

Reputed apartment complexes take community living a step further. They provide dedicated spaces for barbecues and parties. It gives everyone a chance to come together and get to know each other. Moreover, running into each other at various other amenities creates more excuses to get to know your neighbors.

Build Upon Your Savings:

The opportunity to save for the future comes along with other financial benefits when you live in apartment dwellings. You are better off saving more money when your monthly expenses are smaller. It opens up a plethora of possibilities. You are better off traveling more or sending your kids to college. There are enough chances to save for retirement. Apartment living will set you up on a financial path to make it possible. 

Vertex Viraat Extra Edge Homes in Miyapur

An apartment home from a reputed developer like Vertex is a good investment option as well. It can fetch you a steady rental inflow of passive income for two to seven years at least in the short term. After which you can dispose of the property at an inflated price.

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